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Every delay ambry dirt of meter of 950 yuan of the following cats is much
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Every delay ambry be bored with of meter of 950 yuan of the following cats much

Decorate household to be opposite for contemporary urbanite, already not was pure play the part of the concept of beautiful building, on certain level sublimate arrived to show the height of humanitarian value. In the family the cost in decorating is expended the biggest is ambry, floor, door, lamps and lanterns is reached defend, this is called to decorate medium 5 big advocate material. These advocate the price of material affects general assembly to trim cost directly, near future reporter alls over the city that visit a spring to decorate data industry each, will uncover secret for consumer 5 big advocate base price of material business accounting.

Ambry should be a family one of the most expensive products in decorating, be about to get on 10 thousand yuan at every turn. After all the ambry of how many money can just be at ease use?

Of the rapid growth as ambry market and ambry industry mature with each passing day, of the product coessential change begin all the more apparent, competition also grows in intensity. Since this year, hit on market of provincial capital ambry fold give sb a present, buy one (delay rice) send one (delay rice) the sales promotion as one falls of and so on, all sorts of " special offer ambry " appear in succession, it seems that the price of ambry has the power that glides considerably, actually otherwise. To ambry manufacturer, rose on average as a result of price of early days raw material 15% the left and right sides, although raw material cost does not rise, the price falls very hard also. Because of the ambry nowadays, already was a few cabinets that carpentry makes no longer, however contemporary design art and specialization large-scale production product, cannot sheet is calculated from plank and treatment cost the cost of ambry, this cannot see brand a cupboard that also serves as a table namely " mingle " the reason of price war.

Civil the stylist of ambry of home of the appropriate that install · installs Jin Ling to analyse, the cost of ambry is formed by 6 respects, it is cost of Wu of kimono of the design cost, raw material cost, cost that make, operation cost, loss cost respectively.

Before 5 cost understand easily, serve the gage design before cost includes carry out, the carriage in carry out is installed, still include after service. Good after service, can remove the trouble back at home of consumer. If build user archives, fixed pay a return visit, the problem is solved in time etc. Should accomplish these services, brand ambry reduces its cost very hard.

Stylist thinks, although raw material rises in price, but the aggravate as a result of competition, brand ambry rises in price to also be impossible almost.

Before raw material rises in price, quality and environmental protection have the cabinet that assure, every delay rice lowest to make cost be controlled in 705 yuan (material of its Central Plains is controlled 600 yuan, production installs 105 yuan of or so) , add a sale to carry, a series of charge such as brand promotion, after service, reach should pay tax gold and reasonable profit, lowest of market sale price should delay rice in every 900 yuan of above.
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