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Industry of cable of hutch of pan of big home appliance develops new round of ri
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Chinese hutch defends the sales volume year after year of home appliance to rise in order to exceed the breathtaking speed violent wind of 30% , wool interest rate compares the traditional everybody report such as color television, freezer at least tower above one times. Inviting market prospect and profit are brought of all kindsly the enterprise defends industry of small home appliance to intensify investment in hutch in succession, numerous everybody report is high-key already enter or adjust position, international brand big alligator also is in eye covetously, nature of manufacturer of professional hutch report is unwilling give the impression of weakness, won't vacate easily domain. Hutch cable market is new play chess of round of rich is inevitable.
Enterprise of big home appliance is grabbed feed Xiao home appliance
Annual the sales volume of 30% grows, the 20% gross profit between lead 10% ~ , hutch cable market is making an inviting big cake, huge market and profit space, drew contend for the person that feed numerously. Because content of technology of hutch report product is not very tall, enter a doorsill low, cause industrial disorder and brand concentration to spend not tall, what hutch cable market grows is immature also enter for other company created a condition. At present big home appliance already entered small profit period, face the market of small home appliance with huge potential, home appliance is integrated enterprise " on the make " .
TCL opened up a few days ago endowment of build cover an area of even more garden of 530 mus Nanhai is small electrical engineering course of study lays a foundation formally, 3 million when add TCL to have are produced can, always produce of TCL small home appliance can will achieve 21 million. At the same time TCL group announces in Nanhai, will add company of small home appliance of one times invest in, made enrollment capital exceeds 80 million yuan. First TCL product will be given priority to with the kitchen electric equipment such as electric meal Bao, microwave oven, before its target points to industry of small home appliance continuously 3.
Regard Chinese home appliance as the sea Er of the first brand, take the lead in putting forward " integral kitchen " concept, regard future as significant progress direction integral kitchen home appliance. Division force is right small home appliance board piece undertake recombining; Flourish thing is amounted to, the enterprise such as beautiful water chestnut also is made to small home appliance plan afresh and adjust. Before this, annals force of tall, division, achieve the brand of traditional home appliance such as dimension to extend antenna to domain of small home appliance, among them a lot of enterprises are in hutch report domain is to have contribution quite. In fight closely of big home appliance the circumstance of miserable intense falls, small home appliance becomes enterprises of these integrated home appliance to chase the new space of force.
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