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Additional kind of sales promotion: Team advance one class ambry falls a price
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French team advance one class, the one ambry of French brand falls 0.2 discounts. Recently, building materials market also tornado of sweep world cup, businessmen lend machine unripe money.
Wuhan home holds the market an ambry inn, 5 meters long conduct propaganda exhibits board on writing: The initiative discount that sign sheet is 8.8 fold, enter the place as France different discount is corresponding and degressive, if enter 16 strong, discount 8.6 fold; Enter 8 strong, the discount is 8.4 fold; If win championship, the discount is 7.8 fold. The spot surrounds many clients of view to laugh at character: "French group actual strength is strong, promotion is no problem. " on the spot two clients paid deposit. Staff member introduction, although French team is kicked with Switzerland yesterday,make the same score, but still a lot of citizens are valued, everyday the client pays deposit.
Additional, floor of one Germany brand makes guess having reward, if guess the world cup is optimal this year archer, can win cash award 100 yuan, still can obtain the lottery chance that gives floor board of 50 square metre freely.
Still building materials business establishs a football shoot area in sale area directly, every can be obtained into one ball give cash the coupon, attracted many " sufficient fan " small try one leg.
The businessman says, now is originally those who decorate the market is off-season, but because of the world cup, "Building materials also follows fire " .