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High-grade consumer favors whole defends bath in popular trend
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When whole defends the concept of bath to introduce China the earliest, those who point to is " caddy " : With mould punch, spell shaping plank to install and be become next. This kind " whole defends bath " it is for reasonable use a space, it just devises way one kind, also call whole the design, the simplest case is like the toilet in the plane. As the development of the design, complete set plan solves type " whole defends bath " be being mixed inside course of study the attention of consumer.

Understand to wanting " strange thing " consumer, fresh example wants than be being commented simply probably many intuitionistic, clear. Listen together with pass or had contacted " integral Wei Yu " consumer is how say.

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Consumer: Circumstance of Huang Xingdong house: 100 square metre are controlled, be about to decorate end, always cost 140 thousand yuan or so, toilet decorates defray to go to 20 thousand yuan for 10 thousand yuan.

Of toilet decorate, because involve fragmentary part more, so special trouble. Do not know to whole defends bath at that time, "Hapless " is in try to win sb's favor after a lot of Weiyu material, I just am in of Boluoni exhibit the product that this kind of unifinication saw in the house. Between a few example that had seen in me in, one likes very much, price 10 thousand multivariate. Discover too late regrettablly only, if early know I can choose integral Wei Yu for certain.

Why? It is intuitionistic above all -- , pick single material, your starting point is only on single product, cannot the effect that final collocation gives dope how, and integral Wei Yu is very direct, want to apply man-hour not to give an issue only, had done should follow example about the same; It is save worry next, the person that has decorated a building can have such feeling, just began a heart morale is particularly high, be gotten very quickly to be overcome by do sth over and over again, can have then " also such " idea, because this is decorated,be " a regret is artistic " .

Domestic commune news analyst: Whole defends bath to have the combination between concrete example, consumer can feel the integral effect of the product intuitionisticly, this kind " the design is provided picture " changing is its largest dominant position undoubtedly. But those who need an attention is, with buying a house, the thing that sees between example can be only " be close to indefinitely " in the future actual space, whole defends bath to be in from example " move " come home, because the particular case of the bedroom differs and same meeting produces a few slight change. Plant to reduce this as far as possible " change " , after consumer needs to choosing model, with stylist (Wei Yu stylist) accomplish communicate adequately.

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