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"Poor kitchen exhaust kitchen has become a regular hazard of the first killer of housewives." December 21, China Building Decoration Association, Working Commit

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Has a fully functional kitchen, a lot of women know how to live a required homework fun, the kitchen among the successful purchase of a stylish and practical ca

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Article origin:   of   of focal Shanghai estate net adds a person: Admin     adds time: 2007-6-29 16:28:38What have development outlook very much is long-ra

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Article origin: Intelligence lives in general management   to add a person: Admin     adds time: 2007-6-29 16:25:52Abstruse one net question is real water pr

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Article origin:   of net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-12-20 11:04:36Draw near of the footstep increas

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Article origin:   of net of hot dispatch home appliance adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-12-11 14:20:29In current full of beautiful things in eyes,

"Extended active duty "
Investigation shows, from go up the electrical appliance of a lot of households that 80 time end begins the century to enter a family extensively, had entered a

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In benefit city, people besides a day of 3 eat, still be fond of delicious food taken late at night, be in especially in the winter in the evening, family or 29

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In recent years, price war is bubbling with noise heat all the time, expert scholar, agency and business circles are right this unable to decide which is right,

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Collect becomes a useful person, just as its name implies, be use material via what assemble and become, it is a kind of new-style wood. It is classics sawn tim

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Every delay ambry be bored with of meter of 950 yuan of the following cats much Decorate household to be opposite for contemporary urbanite, al

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Natural furniture all shows wooden skin the beauty of former zoology (group plan)

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Project name: Green jade Gui Yuan Building type: 3 rooms 2 hall hutch two defend Project area: 124 square metre "288 formulas " cost: 35712 yuan Add

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The home needs more love and care more and more, so design product also is in large quantities of industry that estimate production to be moved toward gradually