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60 ambry human nature changes configuration to change your kitchen life
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Kitchen configuration was 2007 the attention focus of whole cabinet industry, its are to show all correlate besides mesa, plank are tasted, include the member such as craft, hardware, electric equipment. Kitchen configuration gifted theoretically kitchen human nature changes a design, let an operation be full of free feeling, more let a kitchen become clever and the space that has life. Accordingly, when you undertake the kitchen is designed, besides wanting to pay close attention to plank, mesa, return Lv of take an examination to have what kind of kitchen to configure.

18 standard configuration are safe and ● is practical
Configuration detailed list: The metal is flexible doorcase of slippery course of drawer of aluminous spring back of framework, BLUM, glass is shock-proof and dustproof sealed belt, 70 kilograms bearing conceal type forward position of condole code, clapboard is aluminous etc.
The standard configures safety of kitchen of main side overweight, practical character, for instance, the damper of hinge of BLUM straight arm of safety of the person that assure to use, because this is the 9th acting hinge special fittings, installation is convenient, need not plank starting a hole, install outside hinge directly, amortize door plank closes career, still can eliminate noise, avoid the harm that door plank closes to the old person the child is caused quickly effectively. Be like again, the metal that assures mesa safety is flexible framework, replace woodiness framework, increase waterproof, fight wallop. Two frameworks are more reasonable than 3, make mesa gets power even, not craze, solve the adjustable coefficient with different qualitative capable person effectively, mesa is firmer. Be like again, 70 kilograms when assure condole ark safety bearing conceal type condole code, can be at ease in the Cheng Fang in condole ark more article.
● 19 intermediate configuration make an operation comfortable convenient
Configuration detailed list: Library of tableware of processor of rubbish of lamp of the kitchen range burning gas that brings flameout protection, LED, food, hardware, store content plays goal, inside buy drawer.
Intermediate configuration is right on standard configuration foundation function, intimacy enjoy a requirement to make farther promotion, emphasize body to be changed in human nature now, comfortable sex, store content is convenient those who wait for field requirement is contented. The kitchen range burning gas that brings flameout protection is a close and meticulous use platform. People often can forget in cooking process involve fire, and what this kind of kitchen range burning gas that brings flameout protection can make up for people fitly is forgetful. And food rubbish processor is installed at birdbath lower part, take up the space is little, have exceed powerful abrade technology, handle quickly thoroughly, put an end to sewer effectively to jam, change way of movement of traditional rubbish Qing Dynasty, report of save labour, province, efficient, quick. In addition, hearth pulls creation of library of tableware of basket, hardware to go out comfortable and convenient store object space.
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