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Hutch report also hits beauty of energy-saving card short for Zhejiang Province
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As the progress of human civilization, people is higher and higher to the requirement of quality of production, surroundings, problem of kitchen lampblack pollution is perplexing people all the time and endanger human body health badly, for this, business of each hutch power plant rolls out the life of common people of press close to, trade that initiates healthy concept to be tasted newly in succession. Recently, the reporter discovers when market survey, by Zhejiang beauty big industrial limited company rolls out " the fashionable kitchen that does not see lampblack opportunity " -- , kitchen of beautiful great compositive environmental protection landed market of cable of our city hutch recently, get the favour of consumer, terminal sells lifted " healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection " hutch report storm.
Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, smoke of oil absorption of collection of kitchen of beautiful great compositive environmental protection, kitchen is provided, alexipharmic ark, store up ark and intelligent control at an organic whole. Its classical place depends on having kitchen range as clever as function of oil absorption smoke couple, create deep well side to suck a wind to take lampblack job kind, according to small aerodynamics principle, contaminative source and environment two-way segregation, make lampblack is sucked completely before diffusing, solved kitchen lampblack effectively to pollute a problem thereby.
This kitchen is provided still use " surround type " windbreak kitchen antrum and cone get together design of bracket of hot style bowl gets together heat is energy-saving, and its issue design of the structure that discharge wind, cancel the noise source of head of park human body, be far from noise source human body hearing, apply exceed low noise technology and design of quiet news air channel, noise sucks lampblack machine under the tradition apparently. Still black sticky substance of disinfection of low cost report, ozone, efficient market removes oil automatic and device, flat call the police, flameout safety protection, time remind wait for human nature to change a design, especially its use compositive combination on the design, kitchen of will compositive environmental protection and ambry confluence at an organic whole, saved a kitchen to take up space, older rate land provides a space for kitchen design, "Lampblack disappeared, lampblack plane disappeared " , what make fashion popular thereby is medium insular type, open wide type contemporary kitchen design becomes reality, make the kitchen is segregation area of the residence no longer, become more clean, capacious, bright, harmonious. These designs protruding showed " it is with the person this, health is light " concept, led " safe, energy-saving, environmental protection " industry application new standard.