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Break away from beehive coal times total exposure of contemporary kitchen home a
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In our traditional impression, the kitchen is the place of burn of fire of a sootiness, have the most rubbish in whole house and ant, cockroach even. Once, next kitchens to the thing that an anguish is for the domestic member that handles chore more very. But now, as the occurrence of increasing kitchen home appliance, the kitchen of a lot of families had changed appearance thoroughly, a lot of housewife began to fall in love with a kitchen.
Break away from beehive coal times total exposure of contemporary kitchen home appliance

Kitchen is provided

Going up century 80 time, having report to fry the family of Bao of meal of boiler, report is envied. As the change of kitchen the sources of energy to natural gas, kitchen burning gas is provided begin to be on hearth. Report fries pan very bad news report, still can open a little joke with you sometimes, "Hemp " you are one, believe long-term " battle " there can be such experience in the person of kitchen a gleam of. Compare with the photograph of kitchen burning gas of convenient be convenient to use, report fried boiler to lose its luster. Very fast, a lot of people use report to fry pan no longer. Report fries pan " finish class " hind, kitchen burning gas is provided also begin ceaseless shift its appearance, its exterior is more and more beautiful, the technology is more and more advanced, use more and more convenient.

   Suck lampblack machine

To have on a few fried dishes, housewife " battle " in lampblack, when making the food with heavier piquancy especially, to do not make smoky flavor houseful runs, housewife still must close the door alone endure hardships. Believe a lot of youths still remember, our mother often gives family person to cook so. Differred now, there was opportunity of oil absorption smoke in the kitchen, the problem of lampblack was solved eventually. Indoor after the lampblack depart action of the machine of cigarette of aeriform course oil absorption that is polluted by lampblack, odour is reduced greatly, air gets depurative, improved our living quality. And eduction the gas outdoor, because oily mist got depart, also won't cause pollution to the environment. The technology is advanced " avoid unpick and wash " the machine of oil absorption cigarette that carries structure suction type on the head, retain machine accent already inside long-term cleanness, absolved again often the trouble of unpick and wash, save worry save labour.

Break away from beehive coal times total exposure of contemporary kitchen home appliance
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