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Hutch defends home appliance formula to suffer chase after hold in both hands: S
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Vivid rhythm is accelerated ceaselessly, the use frequency that takes lampblack chance rises ceaselessly. The reporter visits the city zone recently each home appliance sells, discovery smokes lampblack machine market to taste times newly, produce from Zhejiang taste newly with Guangdong this locality taste newly all have many window, and function, design is renovated toward individuation ceaselessly.
Take the skill of lampblack machine brand contend for
Sell in home appliance see, zhejiang fastens in smoking lampblack machine to be tasted newly, with " boss " and " square too " what these two brands roll out is new article grab an eye most. "Boss " a Chinese style tastes power newly small but smoking power is very great, salesman made the spot demonstrate to the reporter: After opening lampblack opportunity, a power the bravery inside the electric meal Bao of 500 tile takes the smoking cover that stands by lampblack machine, the bravery inside the electric meal Bao that weight is not less than 0.5 kilograms instantly by firmly grip, if put the platoon wind gap of lampblack machine, bravery is blown so that hike up instantly inside. "Square too " a Chinese style is tasted newly " small sharp wind " with its distinctive modelling gains housewife favour, do not have because of this product " an exaggerated epithet used to categorize a person " , housewife people also need not worry about lampblack machine meet and discuss again when the fried dish, without collect smoke cover face plate holds back the line of sight, need not worry about the lampblack that diffuses in can inspiratory fried dish more. And the China emperor that Guangdong this locality produces, beautiful, 10 thousand happy wait for many brands to also many an excellent work appear.
Trade public figure thinks inside, as people living standard and oneself quality rise ceaselessly, the demand that protects home appliance product to hutch also appears piece more and more the tide that individuation, human nature turns. And technology of the actual strength that hutch defends human nature of home appliance product to turn the research and development with individuation and company, production and whether master and use be closely bound up of new and high technology. At present hutch defends the essential sex that home appliance enterprise also has realized to the technology innovates, the skill that takes lampblack chance and function rise ceaselessly, the manufacturer of Zhejiang department and Guangdong all exert all over skill comparing spells product technology content, roll out new product again and again.

Machine of Chinese style cigarette makes loot market share afresh focus
Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, the depth that overspreads by collect smoke on the market nowadays (or the size of cubage) with appearance, baconian rise minute of shallow cover (namely flat-roofed Ou Shi) , deep cover (namely Chinese style) , still have a kind of special cabinet cover, these a few kinds smoke lampblack machine to be below the situation with technical same condition, lampblack smokes net rate to be respectively: Shallow cover 40 % are controlled, deep cover 60, 70 % , ark cover be more than 95 % .
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