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New era of ambry course of study
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After the trench warfare that comes several years in all previous classics, pure character battle, price war, as the market mature gradually and consumer more tend reason, a what kind of competition status will ambry industry competition receive again? Recently, the expression that businessmen of a few old a cupboard that also serves as a table happen to coincide, ambry industry competition will be greeted " qualitative price is compared " new era of competition.
Does ambry pledge valence is compared from why and come?
East state too Song Guoxiang general manager expresses ambry, to ambry enterprise, the qualitative price of the product compares the core competition ability that is a product, but the design of the product, service also is the main component that the product pledges valence is compared. The product pledges valence compares tall meeting to drive terminal, brand and sale to optimize, and of level of brand, production, service rise, also will make the qualitative price of the product promotes further than getting, the qualitative price of all ambry product compares the character that is a product only not simply.
As we have learned, at present Nanjing ambry market has pure import already pull the foreign brand such as grave, Bofuman, also be like division treasure, 100 V, bay the countrywide well-known trademark such as Ke Ma, east state too, the brand such as state of day of Rui Baocai rainbow, Shenggelandi, annals is in Nanjing is widely known more, the price goes to several yuan from thousands of yuan is ten yuan differ even. It is the price thousands of yuan product is very substantial, and is ten yuan ambry content worth the price somewhat? It is not certain that general manager of Xu Junkang of ambry of holy Ge Landi thinks, ambry is not hi-tech product, those alleged and ab extra brands basically are produce in home, stick brand of a foreign country to sell after that ten, hundred thousands of, can buy a house, hard to avoid can have price theory tall suspicion. Home has brand of a few ambry loving at acclaiming a few visional concepts, actual it is for its the empty Gao Xin of product value looks for excuse.
"Is qualitative price compared " does hopeful purify countrywide ambry market?
It is reported, I am happy ambry starts spring thunder to act since the beginning of the year this year, brand ambry depreciates in the round 20 % , the ambry of a less known and inferior brand that is aimed at a few places launchs attack, the battle that compares qualitative price is outspread to the whole nation. "We should push the ambry company with one unqualified part an ambry market, and qualitative price is compared is me happy best weapon " , I am happy Wang Chunjun general manager says ambry so. By this token, the ambry market that pledges the battle of valence comparing promotes Nanjing not just undertakes effective reforming is mixed shuffle, and will eliminate a few ambry companies that do not accord with market competition demand a bureau, promote whole industry competitive class, make an industry move toward standardization, make ambry industry forward better way develops.
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