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Well-known trademark gave kitchen electric equipment to go up to " safety lock "
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" Chinese family used electric environment findings report 2005 " show, at present the family is put in a lot of and safe hidden trouble with report. The State Council develops wave of Liu Ren of vice director of institute of economy of research center market to say, consumer defends electric equipment to choose to go up in hutch, can consider safety performance above all. The information that home appliance sells a feedback also makes clear, the hutch of well-known trademark on the market defends electric equipment, going up to kitchen electric equipment " safety lock " . Zhao Jihong tells general manager of employer group sale the reporter, boss electric equipment passes old experience accumulate and innovate practice, had raised platform of 5 old standards, change standard China carry out carry out, assure the quality of hutch report product, build healthy kitchen environment, among them safe level is put in significant fundamental position.
It is reported, follow of machine of cigarette of firm series oil absorption avoids the boss' newest brilliant technology of unpick and wash, principle of comprehensive basis aerodynamics, reduce wind block effectively, when making move quieter, and use grease cup of hemisphere form circular arc, solve phenomenon of the excessive outside the lampblack that the traditional grease cup that average a copy causes thoroughly, make lampblack rises rapidder, those who ensure cooking process is medium is clean and safe. Brilliant firm glass of crystal of admiral of firm series exterior and stainless steel material are qualitative perfect agree, use essence of life to be versed in simple sense polish is reached solder technology, overall do not have groove without the hammer, without aperture, let lampblack impurity nowhere hides. In the meantime, with great concentration of boss electric equipment studies " combustion equalizing system (BTS) " technology, make kitchen burning gas came true to follow heart adjustment in fire size truly while, CO discharges enlarge to be reduced greatly, not only energy-saving effect is apparent, and do not have the phenomenon such as yellow blaze, black smoke happen, enkindle achieves groove, put an end to the generation of harmful gas, assure use security, maintain the health of kitchen environment. Regard the electric pressure of small home appliance as Bao repeatedly, sufficient below safe respect also time -- 8 heavy protector, peculiar annular discharge controls apparatus, when all guard are out of order entirely, outer pot of flexibility of tailor-made stainless steel sinks automatically, drive inside boiler sinks, between boiler lid and bowl system generation discharge presses aperture, achieve truly dynamic and safe discharge to press thereby.