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Frequency of capital ambry market shows move of punish of wild outfit small plan
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A few days ago, the reporter understands from committee of major of ambry of countrywide business association, presence of capital ambry market is a lot of " wild decorate " phenomenon, to this, this committee already prepared to combine a government relevant section, to capital ambry market " wild decorate " the team undertakes big encircle and suppress.
Explore of low of small plant of mill type ambry because of
Committee of major of ambry of countrywide business association carries out pine of chairman Yao fine to introduce, capital ambry market, have a lot of by " the home installs guerrilla " the small plant of mill type ambry that derives. Small miller of type of this kind of mill should rely on low temptation consumer, however, these small plants use cheap and inferior data however, use coarse technology, still often jerry. Accordingly, the product that these small plants make also craft quality difference, material not environmental protection, service life is low, how long does have more than is needed become rustily and form, slack with respect to meeting occurrence craze.
"Wild outfit " installation, after service is differred
Yao Liangsong chairman still represents, small plant of mill type ambry is being installed and after service respect is not professional. Ambry installs a respect, home all has professional installation team like the large and well-known company such as Er of Europe clique, sea. And by " the home installs guerrilla " the professional team that the small plant of mill type ambry that derives has course ambry to install training far from. Carry out a proof, ambry installation needs problem of quite extensive carpentry knowledge and peculiar equipment, spot to handle ability; Experience is very main also at the same time. And the ambry structure to change quickly and fittings of of all kinds function, although mastered carpentry skill, still need the course of a study, practice. In addition, in after service respect, business of regular a cupboard that also serves as a table besides guarantee period outside, still capable to offer maintain and defend a service follow-uply. And small plant of mill type ambry however " do one sheet to calculate one sheet " , " hit one gun to trade a place " .
Large company and consumer attitude decide small plant destiny
It is reported, to restrain the low offensive of mill business, enterprise of domestic famous ambry also begins to be adjusted somewhat on the price, the practice of Europe clique ambry is to pass dimensions to influence the production, production cost that purchases raw material, enterprise to change the means such as management to reduce ambry subtly into batch, offer for most China family thereby can afford, have " price of European character China " high grade ambry.
Consumer of hope of Yao fine loose chairman is participated in together " encircle and suppress " among the team of small plant of mill type ambry, consumer is considering be economical when buying a cupboard that also serves as a table while, also answer the intelligence that attend to provides ambry manufacturer, productivity, service, public praise.
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