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Ambry market suffers attention home to install the market to meet with fully enc
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The near future, beijing media is concerned " home of encircle and suppress installs guerrilla " the intense attention that the report caused guild. "We already prepared to combine a government relevant section, to capital ambry market ' wild decorate ' the team undertakes big encircle and suppress. " Yao Liangsong said president of limited company of company of ambry of clique of Europe of executive chairman of committee of major of ambry of countrywide business association, Guangzhou recently.
According to Introduction Yao Liangsong, capital ambry market has a lot of is by " the home installs guerrilla " the small plant of mill type ambry that derives. Small miller of type of this kind of mill should rely on low temptation consumer, actually this kind of low is with cheap and inferior material, coarse craft, jerry with what do not offer necessary service to must come for cost. This kind of product looks be like petty gain, but craft quality difference, material not environmental protection, service life is brief, appear easily craze becomes rustily and form, slack to wait for a circumstance, bring endless trouble to consumer.
Yao Liangsong thinks, ambry is a product that uses for a long time. Besides guarantee period outside, ambry businessman must capable to offer maintain and defend a service follow-uply. Ambry installation needs the capability of professional knowledge and peculiar equipment and spot processing problem, experience is very main also at the same time. To the ambry structure of change quickly and fittings of of all kinds function, although mastered carpentry skill, still need the course of a study, practice. And the professional team that small plant of mill type ambry has course ambry to install training far from, and they often " hit one gun to trade a place " , vow solemnly before you are bought, after receiving fund, become " cheat you to did not discuss " , consumer interest not be in a position is ensured. Because of this each square joint efforts, blow is installed without standard, non-standard home " guerrilla " imperative.