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Shen Cheng lives in market spare time 100 thousand smooth little agency is advoc
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Concerned data shows, the area of unused furniture market of Shenyang already exceeded above of 100 thousand square metre, be close to whole town to live in gross area of building materials market 10% the left and right sides, not only unused natural resources is great, endless also on macroscopical program and trade group option reasonable.

As we have learned, shenyang household sells a development speed a bit assuming quality at 3 ground of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. The household market of Shenyang major distributings closer, shenyang management area crosses major of the household of 10 thousand, building materials to sell already amounted to two,

Shenyang household sold last year left many, industry comes out often also agency unprofitable sound, but still household sells this year will irruptive market. It is reported, still have a lot of foreign companies more the urban position that values Shenyang and development latent capacity, choose inn location.

Ju Bo of 100 benefit home sees central controller say, they do not have plan of set up shop temporarily. He is analysed, although Shenyang increased not little household,sell, but the market gross this year did not increase apparently. He is analysed, lack agency natural resources to become restrict the main reason with unused resource of company set up shop, market.