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Construction is carried out at the beginning of month of the standard between We
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The washing machine that buys newly and next water cop interface do not match, the flue butt joint of the obligate in the smoke evacuation canister that takes lampblack chance and residential kitchen do not go up, the position of socket and outlet is undeserved, light gas and fluctuation, similar problem is absent a few, make owner and decorate personnel very have a headache. Nevertheless, hopeful of this kind of phenomenon gets effective keep within limits in the near future.
Defend institute director Lin Runquan to introduce according to building hutch of department policy research center, by construction ministry hutch defends a few units such as committee of establishment of institute and residence of seminar of Chinese estate house to assume " between residential whole Wei Yu " the standard has passed those who build a department to examine and approve, began to be carried out formally on June 1. And " residential whole kitchen " the standard also has been drafted what end and carry construction department is authorized, already appeared in the newspaper to build a ministry to be in charge of a branch to approve late cloth to carry out at present.
The standard is lacked make form a complete set is out of line
2003, construction ministry was promulgated the 110th order and " commodity house is decorated reach the designated position executive detailed rules " . Commodity house is decorated reaching the designated position is before showing the building makes the key, the fixed face of all function space spreads outfit or stucco to finish entirely, full installation completes the primary facility of kitchen and toilet. As " commodity house is decorated reach the designated position executive detailed rules " carry out, hutch defends the sale of home appliance to be being transferred to market of project form a complete set from retail market, final individual is bought will be united to buy place to be replaced stage by stage by development business. And standard of the kitchen that unites as a result of neither one, toilet, in the current main bottleneck in engineering market the form a complete set that is kitchen toilet product and building space is out of line.
Above all, existence issue is designed in the building of residential kitchen, toilet. Because lack the guidance of relative standard, when design and building the house, the planar dimension of kitchen, toilet does not have Zhang Ke abide, planar type is varied, confused, numerous and jumbled, optional sex is great. Construction ministry organization sets an example 30 times to our country about the unit the village undertook investigating, discovery has plane of 253 kinds of kitchens, the area differs between 2.4m2 ~ 14m2. The mould cost that this will raise manufacturing company greatly, design cost and production cost, cannot realize the industrialized production of large quantities of quantities. But if these villages have plane of 10 kinds of kitchens only, every kinds of ambry can produce 1000, this reduced of all kinds cost greatly.
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