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Jin Chengxiang: Transparent kitchen makes provision
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In benefit city, people besides a day of 3 eat, still be fond of delicious food taken late at night, be in especially in the winter in the evening, family or 29 intimate edges eat an edge to chat, complemented already physical ability promotional feeling. And those already the cafeteria that clean sanitation has good taste food again becomes deadbeat people contend for the place that collects. The reporter understands, be located in the gold of Xi Zhijiang either end of a bridge to become sweet beef lane is a such place.

Last week of 6 in the evening at 10 o'clock, the reporter will to gold become sweet beef lane, see full deadbeat sits inside inn only, every desk or a chaffy dish, or pink of soup of bolus of much bowl ox, or a few handleless cup that stew. There is beef fragrance in the bowl in boiler, risking steam to allow a room especially warm, a few already ate so that the deadbeat that nice and warm rises takes off next appearance to continue to immerse oneself in hardworking. A few clerks that wear gules waists-coat also ambulate back and forth inside inn, the beef that keeps adding strong point for deadbeat or distribute food. As the clerk's form, the reporter goes to look move inside the transparent kitchen inside inn. The kitchen of this about 30 much square metre has the vitreous wall system with completely transparent two sides, outside inn of one side face, inside inn of one side face, no matter be the passerby outside the deadbeat inside inn or inn,can see the kitchen utensils and appliances inside the kitchen clearly whether clean, flesh kind reach feed category to whether wait completely.

Jin Chengxiang's controller expresses, pursue meal trade, can providing delicate food and healthy environment for deadbeat is the mainest demand. Jin Chengxiang samples to can let deadbeat put a person's mind delicate, built a transparent kitchen technically, deadbeat is in this repast while, can understand the whole process that food makes clearly. This controller still introduces, because the kitchen is transparent, chef is in all deadbeat monitor next food that make, when so they work, resemble be like the performance, the soup that boil, cut cutlet, put match the job such as dish serious and careful, in order to make sure its are clean and wholesome.