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Fontal city: Building materials of outfit of another brand home is high-key form
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Recently, the Co-operative Alliance that outfit of another brand home and building materials company form fontal administrative division -- , " the real situation is allied " announce to hold water. According to illuminative of initiator constant benefit yellow president introduces, through the home outfit company and building materials business build allied form, will offer for consumer fold on the indulgence value that lose.
As we have learned, current, domestic outfit and building materials business build allied form to install a bound to have the power of spark set the prairie ablaze in the home of fontal city. What the domestic outfit company of fontal city mainstream is like artisan of Hua Xun, star art, name to wait to build different form is allied, the building materials business that enters alliance included floor of ceramic tile, wood, clean is provided, integral hutch ark, furniture a series of the home installs things, those who make consumer OK enjoy advantage is one-stop service. Formally, besides reach allied agreement with building materials business, some homes installed a company to still roll out sundry allied card, like the home of 9 vessels, appropriate, home such as evening paper outfit company establishs building materials to reveal office even.
The home holds a firm: Put an end to rake-off tarry passenger source
To consumer, domestic outfit and building materials are the family decorates the close together and relevant link on catenary. Co-operative Alliance business makes public the price base price of building materials, put an end to the home to install the appearance that staff member recapture discounts, yield profit to consumer, not only be helpful for consumer, and the brand image that establishs oneself, utmost ground promoted the competition ability of the company.
Domestic outfit company finishs for owner after the design, classics regular meeting appears to assemble the case of budgetary argy-bargy for the home with owner, if the home installs a company to have Co-operative Alliance, mutual reach compromise more easily. Shao Zong says, than the flatlet that is like a 3 rooms, purchase building materials, household to match the expense that act the role of to be controlled in 50 thousand yuan, owner shows allied card to come to 5 still can yield benefit again about dot, can save below 2500 yuan or so. Building alliance also is wonderful interactive form for the professional level of the company to strengthening an outfit. The Wang Zong of appropriate home says, they often ask data business to open a lecture for stylist, the expert that has asked central air conditioning last week comes, and building materials reveals a house to also can let stylist have to the function of building materials understand forthrightly.
Building materials business: Can obtain steady passenger source
Because domestic outfit company is the first link that contacts with owner, the professional knowledge of stylist can get the credit of owner generally, the commendation of stylist can affect the owner choice to brand building materials of course. As we have learned, at present fontal city market or existence are worn the appearance that stylist recapture discounts. "If stylist is hit beforehand,telephone the sales commission that the general metropolis of advisory price gives 5 % . " the yellow director of ambry of some brand whole says, "Market competition is so intense now, stylist recommends other trademark inn very likely also. "
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