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Gold alls alone Li Chaojie shines strong make polishing brick new brand
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Limited company of ceramics of prosperous of a person of extraordinary powers of area of Fosan city Nanhai optimizes company natural resources, denounce is gigantic endowment introduce at present the most advanced production facilities, roll out profit of demand of new brand gold ceremoniously this year, desire with current the most popular exceed clean open a way of bright new product, make the strong new brand of polishing brick with all one's strength.

Exceeding clean to shine is domain of current polish brick the most popular, new generation product that provides market potential most, its development perspective is extremely wide. Exceed clean the development upsurge of bright new technology, new product in the ascendant, clean out the fine the main chance that takes the first pail of gold to be brave in to developed the generator of enterprising and agency to offer. Pottery and porcelain of golden demand profit is mixed with the eye of acumen outstanding courage and insight, grasp good opportunity strong into city, annals is in the edge tool that shines in order to exceed clean to be developed as the market, enter give a new scope of operation. For this this company from optimize in-house resource to begin, not hesitate expenses is tremendous endowment to original production equipment carries out technical reformation, resolutely introduced home is the at present most advanced " gigantic without bully " -- line of 40 wheelhead polish two, and to it the magic cloth product line of form a complete set, exceed clean bright product line to wait, promote new product of brick of bright polish of clean of favorable balance of trade in great quantities.

The personage tells a reporter related Jin Suoli, as the propulsion that socialistic new rural area builds, intermediate brand of pottery and porcelain is faced with huge to expand opportunity. Our country has agricultural population 9. 300 million, predict to there will be 5 2010. 200 million enter comparatively well-off level. Rich the farmer consumption ability that rise rises subsequently, to building materials especially the demand of architectural pottery is bigger and bigger also. In fact intermediate the market of brand of pottery and porcelain is had rate rising ceaselessly, already became in recent years a window that ceramics building materials sells. Pottery and porcelain of golden demand profit is in intermediate comprehensive promotion transcends the market clean bright product, market prospect is very hopeful, be helpful for agency cleaning out the first pail of gold that surpasses clean to shine.

Of Jin Suoli steer a boat the person thinks, the quality of the product, design and color, price is the main factor that influence consumer purchases, and brand construction is the only way that promotes a brand additional cost and intangible assets. For this Jinsuoli is in carry out comprehensive technical reformation while, still pay attention to from invite applications for a job of large ceramics company all sorts of technology qualified personnels and sale elite join in, establish the top-ranking business management inside course of study and sale group, offer market plan, market to adjust to each district agency, the cogent and active support such as market promotion, Training Within Industry. This prosperous of a person of extraordinary powers rolls out profit of demand of new brand gold ceremoniously, be sure to make the enterprise is in global famous degree get promotion again, walk out of to march intermediate the bright highway of the market and international market. Jin Suoli makes reputation of prosperous of a person of extraordinary powers far sow, and the dragon of energetic divine fierce gold after pottery and porcelain of prosperous of a person of extraordinary powers also will make a come round.
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