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Tycoon of abroad of breach of -727379968 energy-saving coating invests heat
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Show according to number of construction ministry statistic, our country has 40 billion square metre to have a building already, close 1/3(makes an appointment with 130 much square metre) need undertakes energy-saving transform, by every square metre 200 yuan are calculated, need altogether the cost makes an appointment with 2.6 trillion yuan. This will bring tremendous business chance to market of coating of energy-saving environmental protection.
This one market that has allure extremely by nose of tycoon of condition rustproof lacquer business chance, and land China in succession. This year on March 23, australia is famous tycoon of environmental protection energy-saving coating bay get benefit to announce formally to march Chinese market. It is reported, bay benefit is brand-new and energy-saving film can reduce building whole cost not only, and can make indoor temperature reduces 12 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ , reduce specific power consumption to amount to 61% , have admirable energy-saving, heat insolation, heat preservation, waterproof, anticorrosive with flame retardant and equivalent fruit.
Hectic fever of foreign tycoon investment
On seminar this year Feburary, beijing is rich think of tailor-made lacquer (Beijing) Guo Xiangen of limited company president says, our country coating produces a business more than 10000, market total capacity 48 billion yuan, before the industry 10 the sum make an appointment with 8 billion yuan, other 40 billion portion by nearly 10000. Domestic allocation, average every annual produce makes an appointment with 4 million yuan. The inadequacy that annual produce exceeds 50 million 3% , if production value the market share of 50 million above is subtractive, the enterprise annual produce that remain will be in 1 million the left and right sides, lower even.
Huang Tianyuan of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese industry coating expresses to the reporter, although domestic paint business is numerous, but the enterprise that can rival with world coating tycoon is returned at present, on international coating market Chinese business appears very small and weak. And the market that China develops quickly, be in especially residential respect, brought very large space to energy-saving coating. This is equal to foreign capital enterprise to leave very large space, so foreign capital enterprise enters China in succession.
Industry of Beijing housing materials manages office director Yi Ming to express on forum last year April, henceforth 3 years, our country country will have demand of residence of 568 million square metre, the development potential of rural coating market is great. Did not come 5 years, the use quantity of Chinese building coating will with annual 15% right-and-left rate rise. To 2007, the whole nation builds the total output of coating to will amount to 1.6 million tons. According to program of Beijing Olympic Games, the construction fastigium of Olympic Games place happened 2004 to come 2006, establishment of other and all form a complete set will be by 2007 finish entirely. Accordingly, the fastigium of coating market demand of Beijing will come to appeared 2007 2006, the demand gross of market of Beijing building coating will continue to maintain in 10% to 15% .
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