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Ceramic tile area develops the Chinese complex of Spanish ceramics
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Alive bound is contemporary in the domain of the course of study that build contented, especially ceramic tile domain, be located at two states with coastal mediterranean: Italy and Spain, it is unquestionable get the person that run, they are the powerful nation of pottery and porcelain with accepted whole world. Annual for a time Italy the pilgrimage that pottery and porcelain exhibits Boluoniya and Xi Yatao porcelain exhibits Spanish Hua Lun to already made trade of pottery and porcelain, be like the Chun Xia fashionable dress of Milan or Paris to exhibit, the fashionable popularity that affecting world contented trade and space are moved toward.

Below the tide of global unifinication, the formation of earthly village connects world each district cheek by jowl, of world contented course of study trifling and pulsatile, affect naturally necessarily China. Rise abruptly of economy quickly as China, china is in casual already became " world plant " , production of pottery and porcelain is not exceptional also. Current, china already was world pottery and porcelain produces the biggest country, the field is produced in certain pottery and porcelain especially the production of brick of big norms polish, already had the actual strength that contends with powerful nation of world pottery and porcelain. Natural resources of substantial raw material of pottery and porcelain mixes China to develop an environment goodly, attracting increasing the China of investment of look forward to of name of world pottery and porcelain that comes from Italy, Spain, settle China, take root China. This among them, with Spain the famousest produce a division - - the Hua Luntao porcelain that Hualunxiya names, it is Spanish government more what invest collaboration in China directly is exclusive a brand that build contented, the delegate mark that makes complex of China of Spanish porcelain course of study and the first indicative.

Mention the inherent power with Spanish government and allied success of Hua Luntao porcelain, ground of call a spade a spade of Peng Zong of general manager of Hualun ceramics limited company points out Fosan, the technology of polishing brick production with big Fosan mature area is an among them reason only, existing in environment of whole of Chinese pottery and porcelain but endowment the dominant position of the sources of energy that uses energetically just is the most important. Everybody knows, spain is the most strict to environmental protection requirement state in European ceramics industry, seek abroad dilate, output Spain pottery and porcelain is lively product style of passion is admittedly important, but those who preserve pair of resource is reasonable using is Spanish porcelain course of study more those who take a fancy to is essential. Developing China, it is OK to have a lot of resources effectively development is used, "Become useless to be treasure " , can reduce pottery and porcelain to produce cost energetically not only, it is the one large contribution to environmental protection more, gas gas is the core place of pottery and porcelain of Hualun of form ties of Spanish porcelain trade. Ceramics industry is large family of a specific power consumption, and climb as the abidance of international oil price litre, do not drive repeatedly in Spain go to work to already was encouraged to be by the government " very fashionable " act, the quality of pottery and porcelain that can not burn scoriaceous oil and keeps outstanding likewise more become Spanish porcelain course of study to upgrade the first element with industrial dilate. Fall in such setting just about, spanish government borrows money with all one's strength, hua Luntao porcelain becomes the first to enrage the brand of pottery and porcelain to produce the sources of energy with gas entirely, the Chinese complex of Spanish porcelain course of study is in the collaboration with Hua Luntao porcelain outstanding and successful, from pervading Spanish contented industry at the beginning the Hua Lun brand of high grade gene, began oneself to be in China so of the market lively and itinerary.
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