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Product of our country building materials exports American whole strategy
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Since American economy entered decline first half of the year 2001 oneself, real-estate industry is gone against however situation up, start working of civil residence bridal chamber, complete, sale showing a house all goes flourishing continuously, make one of a few rare window in American economy. According to the figure that American Department of Commerce announces, number of complete of American bridal chamber was 1.7 million 2002, among them sheet door housing is 1.36 million, many model housing is 345 thousand, since all be 16 years highest. The reason with estate arisen market basically has the following: 1. Beautiful government is exciting economy, move low confederative and standard interest rate for many times continuously, housing mortgages loan interest rate also is reduced subsequently, stimulate consumer to buy room desire greatly thereby. 30 years when the portion announced in April 2003 period housing mortgages loan interest rate to be 5.26 % , come to go 40 years nadir. 2. Building market value maintains higher level continuously, stimulated consumer desire to buy to look. 3. Consumer invests ideal change, be fond of investment from in the past fictitious assets changes investment to objective asset, invest the tangible such as estate from instead of investment stock market namely. 4. On century 5, the generation person that 60 time lay Yo period high to be born now basically the business has, domestic responsibility decreases with each passing day, many people accumulate your writing invest in estate. Additional, 90 time new immigrant increases ceaselessly and suffer economic depression to affect, flow of American country population is accelerated wait for an element, also promoted the demand of estate market on certain level.

General situation of market of product of American partial building materials

Indebted at estate market, it may be said of building materials industry is close water tower. 2001 product of American part building materials (because cannot distinguish,steely product is in the amount in building materials industry, because product of this iron and steel is not included) manufacturer home gives carry amount to be two hundred and fifty-three billion and eighty million dollar, relatively the two hundred and sixty billion one hundred and forty million dollar 2000 falls 2.7% , but with gave carry forehead photograph to compare 1999 go up slightly 0.9 % . Be like wall of qualitative door of woodiness, metal, window, pottery and porcelain, floor tile, and the building materials product such as cement, concrete gives carry amount all relatively mixed 2000 increased somewhat 1999.
General situation of entrance of product of American building materials
Import statistical material according to committee of American international trade, amount of entrance of product of main 2002 building materials is the United States forty-one billion two hundred and thirty-six million dollar, relatively go up growth of year of thirty-seven billion eight hundred and forty-nine million dollar 8.9 % , import the product with older amplitude to add 32.8 % for material of stone, stone among them, woodiness plywood adds 13.7 % , woodiness door window and carpentry add 10.6 % with material, the flag stone that machines at the beginning of classics adds 10.3 % , floor tile of wall of fireproof tile, pottery and porcelain adds 12.6 % , material of metallic door window, scaffold adds 7.5 % , hand tool adds 9.1 % , lock and hardware add 8.6 % , clean of sanitation of pottery and porcelain is provided add 22.8 % , illumination luminaries and fittings add 12.8 % , plastic and wholesome clean is provided reach ground covering to wait add 15.8 % .
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