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Light gas 8 years to provide thematic: Raise valence, energy-saving, allowance
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Recently, price of global oil gas successively violent wind rises, national hair changes appoint also announced a few days ago annual with 5% , the extent of 8% is ceaseless on price of tone natural gas, light gas in order to light what gas is the sources of energy to provide a product, will appear why to be planted 2008 develop posture? Group of task of home appliance of research center of development of the State Council released recently " 2008: China lights gas to provide the market to forecast a report " (the following abbreviation " light gas to provide a report " ) , point out litre of price, energy-saving, allowance will be become China lighted gas to provide an industry to develop 2008 3 big thematic.
Light gas to have a company 10 thousand and, 10 thousand happy etc high end energy-saving taste newly as 2008 advocate push way, predicting high end is energy-saving the sales volume that tastes newly will increase 30% above. Light gas to provide a product to will appear 2008 " the price of structural sex rises " , this kind " raise price " not be the company is pure only " rise in price " .
Besides " raise price " besides the characteristic, lighted industry of gas water heater 2008 another characteristic is: Energy-saving. 10 thousand and already announced, should antedate the country provides time, since March 25, take the lead in stickup can effect marks, will be surely 2008 " condensation water heater is popularized year " . Condensation water heater is efficient and energy-saving the delegate of water heater burning gas, it is current can reach one level exclusively can the water heater of effect grade.
Although energy-saving the focus that is attention all the time, but this kind of product is in light gas to provide total sales volume to be occupied mediumly than still very small, according to Zhong Yikang data shows: The total sales volume of product of water heater of all 2007 condensation is more than 10 thousand only. Investigate its reason, because make cost,basically be tall and production price on the high side, and popularize promotion at present strength is insufficient.
The State Council develops enterprise of research center China to evaluate association to think, governmental policy gives aid to often rise " roll booster " action. Be in the United States for instance, a price the energy-saving water heater burning gas of 1700 dollars, if consumer is bought can obtain a government the allowance of 300 dollars; The United States " energy policy law " regulation: Allocate funds every year 340 million dollar gives a city the government, use at encouraging to buy energy-saving new product.
Chinese enterprise evaluates group of task of association home appliance to express, last year, 10 thousand and ever also tried U.N. beauty, Su Ning to wait sell, and countrywide a hunderd schools is gas company, begin in the whole nation " energy-saving allowance " activity, reach one level with this promotion can the A9 condensation water heater of effect standard, have certain effect. This year March 25 " can effect label sticks mark to start a ceremony " on, 10 thousand and still announce to enlarge allowance limits, execute 100 yuan to differ to 400 yuan to all fronts of condensation water heater of 4 series " energy-saving allowance " . This made trade of water heater burning gas the 3rd characteristic 2008: Allowance.
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