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Ceramic tile is tasted newly appear on the market often observation has secret w
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In polishing brick domain, the cycle of products introducing to the market limits a fiducial value very hard, but the current situation that occupies Fosan ceramics looks, dimensions above manufacturer can roll out the ceramic tile series of an above always in a year commonly, next the product that the fractionize below series gives a few kinds of close, name with beautiful concept finally string rise.
Press common logic, taste newly roll out faster, explain productivity of manufacturer research and development is stronger, meddlesome! But if have facts one wishes to hide additionally rear, should not talk additionally again.
The author visited discovery of industry of much home ceramics recently, manufacturer of a few pottery and porcelain divulges those who give this kind to roll out new product often is helpless accidentally of purpose. Examine minutely under, the mystery is here probably: The acting agency that present ceramic tile manufacturer depends on each countrywide area commonly comes sale and even the product that extend them, the attention that the masses consumes pair of ceramic tile brands and cognitive degree actually not tall. Such result is, manufacturer and its product arrive at an agent on brand transmission passageway when this closes, stop suddenly, fail to sink to terminal to consume the market, consequently have no way is built as home appliance product in that way brand force.
The problem that derives from this also is here! Assume a lot of manufacturer inside travel roll out new product often, only alone look forward to of a contented is in spade husbandry, the acting distributors of nearsightedness may think: Can you go on ability of this manufacturer research and development? Once be born similar the doubt of such fabricated, future trouble from only then boundless, destroy likely even the network of acting distribute representative that rise is built inside countrywide limits.
The personage inside course of study discloses, at present many ceramic tile manufacturer put the polishing brick of the market on new product, a lot of alternate on the product before nevertheless form just, some is to change a pleasant name merely even, do not search to go out really with before the specific distinction that belongs to a product, have nothing to do with innovation of research and development consequently. This is afraid also is current production domain of domestic polish brick is coessential change one of germ with serious problem.
Personage of market of pottery and porcelain plaints, in ceramic tile production frequency turns the idea that tastes heat of this kind of empty newly under, the product that the enterprise promotes newly reachs a concept to wrap mount to retain in technology, craft truly the company of sex of systematization, successional, innovation is real too little! But classics author is compared in on-the-spot observation, the circumstance that preliminary control is afraid should compared with afore-mentioned views a little a few more hopeful, in the brand of ceramic tile of a gleam of that makes in Fosan, the manufacturer such as Jin Duo, Dong Peng is in increase facility devoted, promote technology the expression on innovation is supereminent still!
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