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Plastic door window will become a key to popularize building materials
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Country " 915 " of the program come on stage, let business of plastic door window be radiant with joy, because should plan to put forward clearly to want to make countrywide specific power consumption reduces the goal of 20 % , the building is energy-saving make a when reduce specific power consumption important step, and the energy-saving and chemical building materials that plastic door window is national emphasis promotion. But the problem is, whether can industry of plastic door window seize opportunity of this policy sex, those who realize entire industry span type develops.
Last year, window of Chinese plastic door builds the market in the residence to have in town rate achieved 55 % . Although this scale is very tall, but in fact relatively glide somewhat 3 years ago, be in especially southern market, the market of plastic door window is had rate glide more, chinese town builds above of the 70 % in the residence to use plastic door window at that time.
This is promotion of competition ability of other gate window on one hand. 2000 around, plastic door window a new force suddenly rises, be in short-term inside with admirable heat preservation sex, anti-corrosive properties, crowded occupied a large number of traditional aluminium alloy door window market, window of aluminium alloy door can say to be forced give big city to build residential market almost at that time. But come nearly 9 years, industry of window of aluminium alloy door increases scientific research investment, door window, heat preservation decorates the chromatic aluminium alloy with good performance of the window of the high-grade alloy that break the bridge with better performance of new-style heat preservation, adornment the occurrence of the new product such as the window of aluminous wood door with better performance, make the competition ability of window of aluminium alloy door promotes apparently, begin capable to grab the market with plastic door window.
On the other hand, also be plastic door window produces can superfluous, low simple competition, new product for a long time to develop slow disastrous effect. Because invest overheat, industry of plastic door window appeared from 2003 serious yield can be superfluous, intense competition makes entire industry is immersed in the lair of price war, cause problem of quality of plastic door window very outstanding, affected industry competition ability badly, and extended price war is directer bring about taste development newly slow. In intense competition, do not enter retreat, the expression of industry of plastic door window has to let a person replace its be breathless with anxiety or tension. An official conveyed construction ministry clearly to innovate to science and technology of industry of plastic door window of ability anxious. He says, be based on door window to be in the building is energy-saving medium main effect, construction ministry has changed to national hair this year appoint put forward to allocate funds alone for door window project approving, still apt makes plastic door window him himself, but looked for 4 experts, cannot put forward feasible and reliable project approving, make a person very disappointed. The country with mature industry of window of referenced and plastic door is like Germany, its are plastic cardinal principle of situation of door window trade is, ten large companies control medium-sized company with 1000, large company is changed with dimensions, automation rate is high and hold staple market, medium-sized company with technical content taller onefold breed get victory.
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