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"Extended active duty " domestic electrical appliance needs to change in time
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Investigation shows, from go up the electrical appliance of a lot of households that 80 time end begins the century to enter a family extensively, had entered at present discard as useless fastigium. Stem from economizing consideration, many consumer cherish the durable consumer goods such as home appliance, unless bad to cannot use, do not be willing to change commonly new machine. But, exceed product life of general home appliance " extended active duty " electric equipment, cause an accident extremely easily, need to change in time when necessary.
Our country uses fixed number of year to have special provision to home appliance. It is with water heater exemple, generally speaking service life is 8 years, if exceed use fixed number of year to still be used, not only power consumption increases, incidental still get an electric shock, catch fire wait for an accident, serious minatory person is safe. As a result of electric water heater installation is in bathroom, at ordinary times the environment is damp, canalage electrical wiring is handed in collect, use time exceeds safe time limit, easy ageing corrodes the electrical wiring of machine interior, cause short circuit or leakage of electricity; Water heater burning gas is like extended active duty, also can appear the phenomenon such as carbon deposit, influence exhaust emission, cause choking accident, cause explosion even. The phenomenon of home appliance extended active duty is very at present common, rent overage home appliance is used in the room in big city more concentration.
Committee of technology of standardization of countrywide electric home appliances Current, the large chain such as beautiful, Su Ning sells the country be in begin for a long time " with old change new " activity, sea Er water heater ever rolled out water heater for many times " with old change new " activity, will advocate its user to change in time with this. To overage home appliance, the manufacturer does not bear any responsibility. Should from go up at all solve " overage " the problem of home appliance, consumer also should raise safe consciousness, be opposite in time " overage " the product changes.