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The home installs knowledge: Installation is a insurance of ambry
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Consumer was decorating a kitchen to experience a choose and buy, measure, design, make after waiting for process of loaded down with trivial details, face ambry manufacturer to offer " semi-manufactured goods " ambry, how should hold the mass that installs link?
Committee of major of ambry of countrywide business association carries out pine of chairman Yao fine to introduce, ambry itself is not a standardization product that can be sold directly and uses, in fact every ambry is a dimensions not quite, but professional stronger project project, the service that ambry enterprise provides to consumer should include: Measure, design, make, the link such as installation, service. Accordingly, the manufacturing process of an ambry is controlled in 3 weeks normally.
Yao Liangsong says, need between put oneself in another's position of the cabinet after quality goods ambry is installed and ground firm and perpendicular, joint is close together between ark, door plank installs horizontal smooth upend, door plank closes close together, gap is little between the door and unified and even, otherwise the door cannot involve close. In the meantime, mesa level off, bright and clean, with the ground union is firm between ark, water and wall joint are blocked after mesa close together; Man-made stone mesa receives refute to not have seam. Cistern, cooking range and mesa are embedded outfit should firm, without aperture, enter the water implement airtight without leakage. Such ability say to go up quality is good.
The drawer can say is integral ambry uses the most frequent part, the extraction of condiment is used, of cooking utensils take take wait to all need to use a drawer. Consumer needs to notice the drawer is mixed play type goal, frame installation is smooth. Consumer can be opened at will an a door, drawer or play goal, should accomplish smooth, breathed, deft, soft resilient, take baric stay bar on turn over the door to should bear the weight that door plank falls.
Yao Liangsong emphasizes, bearing the installation that the condole code of more than 50 kilograms of above just can get used to ambry condole ark, when choosing condole to pile up, all must check through bearinging. The condole ark that piles up installation with high grade condole is firm, without become loose tilt, cabinet put oneself in another's position and wall joint are close together.