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Guiyang citizen decorates hot floor little a working procedure wastes unexpected
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Guiyang citizen decorates heat the floor is little a working procedure wastes unexpectedly

How cannot citizen Ms. Cai also think of, the floor board that him new residence installs just a year many, appear unexpectedly cave in phenomenon. Her lane is not clear, what oneself choose is well-known trademark, buy in market of normal building materials again, and it is by businessman assign major the team is installed, how can you appear such problem? She finds distributors, the requirement checks floor of construction quality, rehabilitate.
After the businessman receives the response of Ms. Cai, come to Ms. Cai home personally, the floor board that stays a cave in is opened look, the keel below is already cankered, lose the floor board that support natural also cave in. Then, ms. Cai and businessman talk things over, requirement businessman assumes certain upkeep costs, but the installation that the businessman says them does not have a problem, not be their responsibility, say informal Ms. Cai is complained where, the businessman won't give money one minute. But, ms. Cai comes to disappear of Na Ming area assist complain. Recieve after complaining, disappear assist the staff member coordinates both sides to come to the spot, examined the case of floor cave in jointly. The lady that occupy Cai introduces, at the outset her choose and buy of this businessman floor when, it is the construction team of businessman assign, spread keel, ms. Cai asks a businessman to come to those who check and accept keel to set again eligible, classics businessman examines think keel " eligible " hind, construction personnel spread a moistureproof plastic cloth on keel, just begin laid floor board next. Ms. Cai thinks, be a businessman violate compasses operation, just bring about keel to be contacted with the ground directly, the decay after be affected with damp be affected with damp makes floor cave in. Businessman refus does not admit.
Those who make Ms. Cai furious is, in the businessman's shop front, she sees one ought the construction standard book of the product, above the construction that set strictly is ordinal, be in above all namely a plastic cloth does ground laid waterproof layer, next again the keel that laid brushed preservative coating, finally again laid floor.
Why does Ms. Cai ask the businessman does not press technical requirement construction? The businessman is speechless. A foreman tells Cai the lady under the counter, at the outset when the businessman sends a person to check and accept keel, discovery sets waterproof and plastic cloth without the shop below keel, but the businessman is afraid that delay time is long, ms. Cai goes back on her word not to want their floor. Say keel laid does not have a problem then. Who knows little a working procedure, buy a floor board more.
Association of adornment is in city moves unship, the businessman agrees to bear the cost such as floor of keel, moistureproof layer, part and repair.
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