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Home appliance association: Home appliance course of study should study material
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Xu Dongsheng of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese electric home appliances In Chinese combination steely net sponsors " strategy of chain of Chinese steely industry developed to be met with investment peak 2008 " on, xu Dongsheng expresses, raw material price is rising drove an enterprise to improve product structure design, search in succession replace data in order to reduce cost. Current, the demand of high strenth small plate rises is the fundamental trend that home appliance uses steel. The plate thickness of product of of all kinds home appliance appears generally decrease weak trend, the level is in the only waste time of the product to drop generally, these change produced main effect to the demand of a large amount of raw material.
According to introducing, the rolled steel of home appliance course of study is replaced basically happen in zine plate of stainless steel, plating. Home appliance line of business is other the material that scores a success replaces a domain to still include, the canister outside platen washing machine replaces casing of washing machine of stainless steel, impeller to use PP board to replace antrum of armor plate, microwave oven furnace to use cold rolling board to replace stainless steel with PP board.
Xu Dongsheng predicts, home appliance industry is right pickling of armor plate of electrician of high-powered small plate, cold rolling, hot-rolling board demand general grows quickly. Steel products of our country home appliance is at present basic self-sufficient, only freezer door plank, high-powered small plate, tall brand does not have electric steel of orientaton cold rolling a few rolled steel breed need an import. According to not complete count, dosage of steel products of product of main 2007 home appliance exceeds 5.7 million tons, predicting annual is main amplitude of demand of steel products of home appliance product evens more 10% .
According to statistic of home appliance association, this year 1, in September, amplitude of freezer, air conditioning, crop glacial ark exceeds 20% , amplitude of refrigeration compressor crop exceeds 30% , output of predicting annual big home appliance grows considerably in the round.