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Comfortable life starts from the floor
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Comfortable life from the floor start

Ann now is full-time madam, doing oneself heaven and two daughters in the home everyday. Ann is right to the particular rate no less than of the floor the requirement of husband, when electing a floor board at the outset, can be tired evil spirit she. Healthy environmental protection is premise, all wool and a yard wide it is requirement, with respect to this two ran leg. Final Ann still chose 100 how to reside, because be in 100 how to reside buy make Ann special be at ease not only, one-stop

Service leave out a lot of apprehension of Ann, the price is very substantial also at the same time. The is us to reveal her to be cleaned out baby that Ann is filled with joy --

Ann chose the classic series floor board of boreal Europe amorous feelings, "Queen bedroom " archaize series, it changed the planar structure of traditional wood floor, decorate craft with manual burnish, let a floor become stereo and vivid, more reveal an of primitive simplicity, high, delicate, elegance. Smooth foot walks on wooden floor, connecting a heart is warm.

Natural maple floor became the final choice of Ann. Every welcome a visitor, the introduction that she is very happy with it her make complacently.

The breakthrough is traditional, ann chose bamboo floor board. Warm summer of bamboo floor winter is cool, let liked reading Ann to have comfortable small resting place. The bamboo floor of dumb smooth instinctive quality, give a thought a depurative space, ann likes the brunet bamboo floor of light and carbonization not quite, feel the spirit that lost bamboo itself is enraged. In addition, in the modern society that global forest natural resources shorts, ann thinks everybody is responsible give a power to protect silvan natural resources, choosing a satisfactory substitute is inevitable trend.