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Calm is labor force copper only city or will again win victory song
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Of city of domestic and international recently copper go outward appearance is quite dreary drab, everybody is in the combat with much bilateral air of sleeve hand calm view, see an end who is one-up. Meanwhile, basic metal market is other breed goes up situation comparative however swift and fierce. This makes circumjacent market environment of copper begins up-and-up, at the same time element of cupreous market oneself also is being changed to advantageous respect, city of later period copper falls in this drive, hopeful continues tall.

Supply insecurity to had made the main trend of basic metal market, the inventory of basic metal breed is in majority to drop ceaselessly in the process. The near future is in the report of most and famous research organization, "Supply insecurity " the thematic statement that has made its metal report. The zinc that early days and copper keep abreast of, 3 weeks come recently rise extent is as high as 25 % , main reason still is to depend on zincic inventory adjacent and extinct; Same, behave fatigued and weak aluminous market all along, of the near future go situation also appear flourishing. Recently, magensitanli and Gao Cheng cast famously be opposite generally all right aluminous hind city continues to value, its basis still is the supply that aluminous market may appear tight situation. The other metal such as stannic nickel still also is in maintaining rise strong impetus. Say so, heat of hasten of big environment of basic metal market provided favorable market environment for cupreous market.
From the point of respect of sex of linkage of basic metal market, the expression of copper of apparent near future lags behind at metallic grail, its act foregoing getting to go up once more hard part. Analytic copper inventory changes data can discover, at present still has copper to enter London metal exchange ceaselessly in in a steady stream (LME) the enrollment in the whole world storehouse, this shows spot market is supplied and unlike is previous so was critical. But although the supply of cupreous market is nervous,the state is improved somewhat than early days, far however did not reach the level that can change market structure. Additional, from the point of the circumstance maintaining a warehouse of London market, up to yesterday, the copper of LME market holds a storehouse to still approach the level of 220 thousand hand, also did not appear than early days too big change. In light of the crucial factor that supports cupreous ox city from these two so, cupreous market is in a relatively gentle rest the most likely at present period, its expression is differred for market liquidity, trade Dan Jing, but this means cupreous ox likely also to still be in " breath period " , developing tall saving power for its.
Near future Dow-jones Average achieves the history that give new tall, make what people glides to American economy anxious reduce greatly, also stimulated the whole world breakthrough of index of each big important stock is achieved give new high point, index of the card on home also is achieved give high point 5 years. The economic increase rate of before our country 3 quarters achieves 10.7 % , this year economy still can hold the growth range in two digit. Have two representative states most as the whole world, economy lasts good move, this also is cupreous price rise brought motive force.
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