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7000 dollars col accuses demand of broken China copper by overmeasure
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On November 13, the newest quote of period copper was London metal bourse in March 6935 dollars / ton. And before one trades the closing quotation price day November 10 is 6925 dollars / ton, this is this price since June 30, drop first defeat 7000 dollars psychology to close greatly. Of period copper price this is planted sign is sure make the same score to the market add a few minutes of haze.

The opinion that period copper market will become Xiong Fu more and more see in all sorts of analysises, group of United States forest is forecasted even, prospective copper price will fall 3 into, drop to every tons of 5000 dollars around.
Stock soars cupreous price falls broken 7000 dollars
Price of international period copper is in appeared to rise considerably inside 3 years two in the past. This year on May 11, one of its mainest index, of London metal bourse period copper achieved the historic season value that gave every tons of 8790 dollars in March.
Spread out to be arranged quickly subsequently, come to dropped to 6420 dollars on June 14, but subsequently and come rise make price of this futures contract broke through 7000 dollars price on June 30, fluctuate in this price above all the time. From this, the integral col of 7000 dollars is regarded as cupreous price the most important prop up.
This one col was broken on November 10. That day, london every tons in March period copper with 7350 dollars open quotation, close finally at 6925 dollars, whole the world drops 5.78% . This drops although extent was not later on June 30 peerless, but drop the col import that cuts 7000 dollars is great, opened the electron that go out on November 13 dish trade show, the price of this futures contract although somewhat small restore, but still be under 7000 dollars.
Analyst of international of Ba Kelai capital thinks, "Cupreous inventory continuity increases, hit the person that controls the market to enrage " .
On November 10, exchange of the mainest two on the world period copper announces inventory case, the goods in stock that adds substantially brings about cupreous price to drop greatly.
The reserve that London metal bourse announces 10 days is 148 thousand tons, this one quantity is more than the beginning of the year far 96 thousand tons level. And the inventory of Shanghai futures exchange achieves 35 thousand tons, the inventory of a week before this has 30 thousand tons only, the stock inside a week rises 15% , be considered as the immediate cause that cupreous price falls greatly.
Chinese demand is a key
To the addition of inventory, especially the unexpected growth of Shanghai inventory, alleviate besides what show contradiction of market supply and demand from a flank beyond, is so driving.
Before this, china is one of main reasons that cupreous price soares to huge demand of copper.
The analyst Edward of finance of graceful family name. Mill invests in its express in the analysis, "The addition of Chinese copper inventory is the culprit of cupreous price heavy defeat it seems that, instigated to have much more driving doubt after all to Chinese copper demand again. "
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