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Raw material rises in price platinic gold market is the biggest challenge
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A few days ago, association of international platinic gold announces to change in Beijing its figure spokesman, replace Zhang Manyu to become by Zhang Ziyi new allow spokesman. Roll out " my platinic gold 07 blossom " series tastes headgear newly. Association of international platinic gold is presiding apparitor is tall Wei politics gentleman is being accepted " daily economy news " when interviewing, express, association pays close attention to market trends to change all the time, the main consumption group that Zhang Ziyi suits to explain platinic gold very much -- , the distinct personality of modern woman. Expend as to Dai Yan, he states inconvenience discloses, nevertheless in the bookshops already had hearsay acting character to expend even more ten million yuan.
Raw material price is the most crucial element
Gao Wei politics discloses, 7 years the challenge with platinic gold the biggest market comes from raw material to rise in price. "Price of platinic gold raw material rises ceaselessly, market of gold giving platinum brings constant pressure. But this basically is aimed at industry interior, because price fluctuation is fluctuant bigger, treatment business and shopkeeper plan stocks of production, control hard quite. " suffer effect of element of raw material price, platinic gold of 7 years sells a state to be forecasted very hard, the end that he represents 7 years is to maintain sale to rise smoothly to be able to last with the industry develop, "Sale of jewelry of platinic perhaps gold can drop somewhat, but because rise in price, we hope to be able to maintain the growth of sale. "
Although platinic gold is in the state that higher-priced runs all the time from last year, but Gao Wei politics is confident to market of Chinese platinic gold. Concerned data shows, up to last year the end of the year, 45% what Chinese headgear takes world demand with platinic gold demand, and still be in grow ceaselessly. Gao Wei politics says, market of platinic gold jewelry basically can be divided for two chunk, it is together marriage celebrate headgear market, occupy 25 % left and right sides, and this scale still is in growth, still having is to be aimed at together 25 - of 45 years old of fashionable women buy headgear market oneself. "China has become platinic gold to consume the biggest country, a lot of marry give up of metropolis choice platinic golden wedding mixes people of a new type to Buddhist monastic discipline, this year accordingly we plan to want to increase strength promotion marriage to celebrate the market, emphasize particularly on somewhat from products plan and propagandist fixed position. "
Jewelry of element platinic gold most suffer favor
Gao Wei politics says, distinguish Yu Ou beautiful market, in Chinese element platinum the sale of golden jewelry is occupied very big together. In Euramerican market, the headgear of element platinic gold is less, it is to enchase diamond and coloured gem mostly, add a design to process charge, the price sells higher. And Chinese market is given priority to with element platinic gold, a few is added to machine cost on raw material price, the profit space that processes trade is very little. "Chinese consumer is valued very much to the purity of headgear, this and Japanese consumer are more similar, value its itself overbalance to decorate a function. "
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