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Reasonable use ilmenite resource to be worth to pay close attention to
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According to custom statistic, port of 1-8 month Tianjin exports titanium white pink this year 6629 tons, value 9.058 million dollar, with score of photograph of the corresponding period did not grow last year 73.1% with 86.7% . But at present industry of pink of our country titanium white still faces a few problems, main show is in:
One, trade economic benefits gets the influence of raw material price. Titanium white pink serves as a kind a large amount of industrial chemicals, the development with national economy is close together and relevant, rapid development of economy, industry of whitening giving titanium brings vast development space. Current, the crop of pink of our country titanium white and demand increase significantly, present a produce and sale the good the look of things of two flourishing. But go up continuously as a result of the raw material price such as mine of vitriolic, titanium, coal, derv raise, economic benefits of trade of titanium white pink is affected, company profit drops somewhat.
2, the enterprise cannot be achieved more large-scale. In recent years, portion of our country titanium white basically produces the yield of the enterprise to be able to rise somewhat, the industry is being changed to dimensions, intensive changes direction to develop, but no matter be chloridize law or vitriolic law far the average level under company of pink of world main titanium white. Current, standards of 6 chloridize of company of pink of big titanium white are average dimensions is annual one hundred and twenty-one thousand three hundred tons, vitriolic standard is average dimensions is annual sixty-four thousand three hundred tons, and the scale of production of enterprise of pink of our country titanium white is in annual 7000 tons or so. Industry measure is produced much more on average can low the outstanding issue that is existence of industry of pink of our country titanium white.
3, reasonable use ilmenite resource to be worth to pay close attention to. As the ceaseless development of industry of titanium white pink, prospective competition advantage will depend on of pair of titanium ore natural resources reasonable use. Although our country is one of countries with titanium ore the most substantial natural resources, but 90% above are accrete rock mine, grade is low, part is complex, exploitation difficulty. In the meantime, because manage,disperse, mechanization rate is not high, product quality is not stable, cause titanium ore natural resources wasteful and serious. Current, production of pink of our country titanium white needs ilmenite every year 1.8 million tons, home produces per year ilmenite 1 million tons, demand breach should be imported from and other places of Australia, Canada, Vietnam. Concerned expert predicts about 3 million tons to industry of pink of our country titanium white needed ilmenite 2010, domestic titanium mine can offer 1.1 million tons only, other part counts an import, bring about titanium white pink to produce an enterprise to face the situation of ilmenite in short supply.
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