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The current situation that plastic industry grows our country modified reachs 6
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In recent years, of oil natural resources increasingly in short supply, bring about skyrocket of plastic raw material. Especially as the thorough popular feeling that can develop the strategy continuously, all the more of harmonious development problem that solves plastic material and environmental protection is highlighted.
To reduce the cost of plastic products, rise and improve plastic material the function of certain respect, increase functional sex, develop friendly to the environment plastic material, regard a new chemical industry as course, the research of plastic modified technology and Ying Yunyue will be paid close attention to by people more and take seriously. In complete degradation plastic industrialization condition is still immature today, continue to accelerate an environment friendly modified is plastic research, rise in order to reduce raw material cost and the double pressure that environmental protection brings to plastic industry, development modified is plastic industry, those who make our country plastic industry not 2 choices.
Plastic modified, tell from common sense, namely to by the plastic material of modified (synthetic resin) in add appropriate modifier, use fair treatment to shape craft, make so that have original structure feature thereby, can satisfy the method of the new-style and plastic material that applicable function asks and goods.
because of this, modified is plastic become involve content of wide, science and technology domain of a when can create enormous economic benefits tall, plastic industry. Current, academia of division of world each country and industrial group already realized plastic material and environment coordinate the importance of development, devoting oneself to to develop the plastic material that good sexual value compares, improve its service life, utmost ground reduces plastic use amount, make full use of plastic plasticity, reclaim and use deserted plastic data integratedly, reduce plastic material the pressure to the environment.
Through development of a few years, technology of our country plastic modified obtains striking progress, and with fill, in all the plastic modified technology that mix up enhances modified to be a characteristic, it is almost thorough more the raw material to all and plastic products and processing process, pounding traditional and plastic industry, promoted the development of mechanical production industry, auxiliary industry and metalloid mine industry greatly.
Data makes clear, plastic industry grows our country modified what foreground changes is very capacious. ABS is the most important " accurate project is plastic " , china already became the state with global ABS the biggest dosage. Besides, modified PP makes most active product, the PP that rolls out ceaselessly increases and defy strong new name high, the project is replaced in a few domains for its plastic offerred a possibility. Bo fine and mineral enhance PP to already was used at car spare parts, mix content market to make bigger impact in all to PC. Modified PP also is entering traditional PA field, be like pump housing and fan leaf. At present the Bo fine of 90% enhances the whole world PP is used on the car. The development of modified technology still makes the PVC of many brands usable will replace a project plastic. The most significant progress includes to use mix content and alloy to improve heat to be out of shape in all temperature and impact strength. SPS is a rule that receives by metallic catalysis polystyrene, it is polymer of form of a kind of crystallization, have admirable hear resistance, be able to bear or endure chemical sex, good mechanical performance and be able to bear or endure outstandingly function of wet sex, report and treatment function. Develop maturity ceaselessly in technology of modified equipment, modified today, plastic industry system perfects our country modified stage by stage.
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