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Nonferrous metal is covered protect answer an international market to fluctuate
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Since this year, nonferrous metal appears on the market the share price of the company, wave motion of price of as basic as the international market metal is quite close together. If enter June, international period copper walks along situation occurrence horizontal stroke dish adjust, domestic copper industry appears on the market the share price of the company also hesitates to press forward, give now to slip even. Near future international market is primary metallic price wave motion is bigger, nearly two days glide substantially again. To this, we the investor of 2 class market acclaims nonferrous metal kind company stock, should not ignore what the international market concerns breed to go situation. Additional, appear on the market the wave motion that how the company answers an international market, also should be the content that investor cares.
According to author understanding, majority appears on the market the company uses different rate set period keep a cost, the risk that with the oldest rate evasive market value fluctuates.
At present industry of domestic nonferrous metal is covered period protecting those who be worth opposite maturity should be cupreous company, jiangxi copper industry, copper cupreous industry basically can undertake covering in domestic and international option market period keep a cost. Before, the relevant personage of ministry of negotiable security of Jiangxi copper job expresses, the company is covered period the time that keeps a cost is 3 months commonly, dong Bi yesterday accepts Jiangxi copper job when interviewing, express, international copper price fell recently split 7000 dollars / ton important juncture, go sign is not quite hopeful, the company may raise accordingly set period the scale that keeps a cost. Yang Baofeng of analyst of industry of Oriental negotiable securities expresses, the consumption that four quarters are nonferrous metal is off-season, the inventory of international copper also is in growth, cupreous price goes force may be weaker.
The relevant personage of ministry of negotiable security of Shandong aluminous job expresses, as a result of the company advocate business Wu is alumina, did not attend set period keep a cost. Electroanalysis aluminous enterprise coverts undertake covering period keep a cost, if Lanzhou aluminous course of study was September in the contract of long-term purchase and sale that as aluminous as China course of study signs, of alumina trade the price is: Delivery should produce per month lunar price, according to futures aluminous ingot calculated Shanghai futures exchange in March last month the 17% computation of valence weighted average. Jiao Zunmo also just is so of the operation, jiao Zunmo square Dong Bi is accepted yesterday when interviewing, express, the company is right set period keep a cost very careful, do not participate in basically, the alumina raw material that the company signs grows monovalent division had been a basis futures price will decide, unfavorable reentry is covered all right period keep a cost. Proportion of alumina long sheet is higher electroanalysis aluminous enterprise, if period aluminium price goes weak, profit can rise accordingly; Conversely company cost raises, profit space is compressed necessarily.
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