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The golden week is not stray 8 GPS mobile phone accompanies you 11
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Long for star, long for a moon, expected 11 golden weeks eventually, how is time of 7 days spent, for certain a lot of people had begun to hit selfish calculations. To having car gens for, relaxed and comfortable drive oneself swimming is a very right choice, but life ground is not familiar the inner ear that cause is to perplexing what drive gens oneself the biggest question. If can provide the hand opportunity of module of GPS of the one buy inside the paragraph,give gens having a car to bring many convenience. The author gives everybody introduction the smartphone of GPS of a few buy inside the paragraph today, they not only have rapid and accurate navigation capacity, and regard a mobile phone as the product, the basic communication function of these a few products and patulous ability are quite powerful. The P800 of the N95 that resembles Nuojiya, E90, Topod such product, it is the outstanding product in same field count as one of the best. Below, we understand these 8 next products in detail together.

Nuojiya N95
Referenced price: 5899 yuan

N95 is Nuojiya the flagship product of N series, awaiting is to plainting when we are more the product that his powerful hardware configuration forgot it or navigation of satellite of GPS of a support with patulous ability.

The graph is: Nuo radical inferior N95 mobile phone

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Nuojiya N95 innovates used two-way slip lid to design, pass attestation of Cai Si blocking Er 5 million photograph resembling a head also is it to sell a site like element. 16 million kinds of QVGA also allow 2.6 inches of screen with peculiar N95 GPS navigation becomes a kind of visions to enjoy. Travel goods N95 is returned inside buy the mainland the map of 300 many cities, convenient gens having a car gives exercise to use.

The editor comments on:

Each configuration of N95 is in Nuojiya banner level, it is the classical mobile phone of a rare. The GPS navigation that introduces in this second key nevertheless uses a field, the expression of N95 did not contain beforehand the other mobile phone of professional navigation software is driving, this machine suits to ask to mobile phone function taller, it is merely now and then the friend that uses navigation software is used.