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A kind new-style muti_function plastic treatment aids second to maintain amine o
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As the ceaseless development of plastic industry, new plastic breed appears ceaselessly, in machining a process to its, use inside, outside lubricant also raised taller requirement; Enhance fiber and filling fill increase modified and the production that all sorts of mothers expect, also need an appropriate lubricant to reduce hot dissipation, reduce viscosity, raise dispersive sex. Below this kind of circumstance, acyl amine candle kind lubricant may be one of lubricant with the most extensive use.
Acyl amine candle kind lubricant synthesizes candle for high temperature, with its distinctive function sex is mixed higher melting point; In the processing that wide application develops product of polystyrene, polyolefin, PA, PC, PET, POM, balata at PVC goods, ABS, Gaokang, use as in lubricious mother bead and plastic modified industry especially brightening agent, dispersive agent and lubricant receive wide application. Can raise the melting point of colophony of high fever plasticity and bitumen.
Acyl amine candle kind lubricant basically maintains amine of double tristearin acyl with second (EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide) is a delegate, other still has second to maintain amine of acyl of double oleic acid (EBO Ethylene Bis Oleamide) , second maintains amine of double bay acyl (EBL Ethylene Bis Lauramide) .
Jia Xiangjia embellish is plastic data limited company is professional development and the business that produce plastic processing aid, already developed a series of acyl amine candle now kind dispersive agent, brightening agent, lubricant, it is home is developed the first times and devoted production second maintains amine of acyl of double oleic acid (EBO) , second maintains amine of double bay acyl (the enterprise of EBL) .
Second maintains amine of acyl of double oleic acid main function index is as follows:
Technical index: Acid value (MgKOH/g) : 10 total amine are worth ≤ (MgKOH/g) : ≤ 6.0
Chroma (Gardner) : ≤ 6 heat reduce an amount (%) : ≤ 0.50
This tasting to synthesize candle. In plastic in make lubricant, add bright agent, bright slippery agent, antitack agent and agent of drawing of patterns, cellophane antistatic agent. This tasting apply to cellulose of ABS, polystyrene, pvc, nylon, acetic acid, get together the lubricant inside ester of acetic acid ethylene and phenolic aldehyde resinous and outside lubricant; Special apply to polyethylene and polypropylene film. Can use as painty abrasive and painty and dispersive agent, agent of polyamide olefin coincidence. The consistence of the polypropylene with ameliorable steatitic fill and hot ageing stability.
This tasting have lubricity, but the function of promotional crayon, petroleum products, printing ink, bitumen, metal and textile. Make lotion of drawing of patterns, in can be being used at noting modular standard thermoplastic colophony. Can use as in industry and family expenses respect anti-foaming agent and waterproof constituent. Make corrosion inhibiter, adsorptive film is formed in metallic surface, use protective metal face. It still can improve olefin and resinous consistence, the mix into mixture that if serve as floor wax and shoeshine,uses. This tasting use at agglutinate glue adhesive tape, can maintain bright slips and prevent adhesion. Can use at coating, enamel, varnish and natural lacquer, can increase coating be able to bear or endure chemical function. Still produce the oil that improves attrition performance and grease with a future life, wait like grease of tractor lube, industry. It uses as the intermediate body of spin emulsifying agent, softening agent and durable and waterproof agent, the bubble stabilizing agent of family expenses scour. This tasting still can make anti-foaming agent, system of coloring of the processing of fluid of acetic acid iron oxide black that is used at paper industry, fabric, latex. Brightening agent, dispersive lotion is made in lubricious mother production; Add a capacity 0.5 ~ 2%
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