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Let new kitchen stay no longer regretful beard notices 17
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1. gas pipeline arrives the kitchen does not take bright valve between gas water heater, a chamfer leaves to bury PVC dark canal on the wall, need not go up in bedplate stiletto. The kitchen takes off the mains switch of the electric equipment such as platoon, microwave oven, freezer to want to had been designed beforehand. The ceramic tile of the kitchen does not want Maiyaguang, otherwise fat brush very hard.

2. does the DX of integral ambry to must note the level of gusset plate, otherwise after ambry has been installed with respect to show one's true colours; When installing conduit, want up a bit, otherwise the tube of bibcock form a complete set is too short, must buy lengthen again;

It is good that 3. builds marble tender, the ash on dishcloth or the face that foreign matter can let it is spent. If do not have what money buys Dubangkelinai the sort of use white as far as possible or of light color, although have nick,also not be so apparent so!

Mesa of 4. manage stone, must not listen to Js to say to use silica gel, press the square computation, cost that cut corner, cost that grind an edge besides marble, other charge should not have, artificial cost includes to be in square charge, do not use silica gel especially, it is wasteful at all, spread marble with cement namely originally.

The mesa of white man-made stone of 5. room is about to offerring it euqally for the god simply, what is there when common operation smeary or sewage of what, be about to hurry erase, otherwise ooze goes in to be forever inside. Have irritatedly!

6. room lamp should shine, had better be in cistern or reload of upper part of the proposal that cut course the lamp, otherwise weak-eyed follows a blind person in the evening same. The ambry of the kitchen should have a drawer;

It doesn't matter can nag the ambry with enough 7. serves quality and product quality commonly, but must notice to ask a question more. The backside that ambry designs personnel to say fluctuation ark can besmear cement or the second brick make level that stick within an inch of.