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China contains nickel cast iron to may make nickel market unknown factor
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Small blast furnace produces cost to be 10 dollars about / pound
According to Tokyo on April 6 dispatch - China contains nickel cast iron (ferronickel is in what home says) will march toward export market by sale in domestic market. The compensatory product that the cast iron that contain nickel is period of inadequacy of nickel metal supply of goods all the time. But considering current situation of global nickel market, this product will become the unknown factor that affects nickel market possibly, prospective development is worth pay close attention to. In March the last ten-day of a month, on the nickel alloy plenary meeting that in new noise made in coughing or vomiting Duoniya holds, main nickel metal produces an enterprise to think China contains nickel cast iron to not allow to ignore to the influence of the market. XSTRATA is in 2006 money year say in financial report, china contains cost of profit and loss of nickel cast iron to be 8 - 11 dollars / pound; Market personage thinks this kind of cast iron is in period of in short supply can develop former nickel supersede function.
Expert of Chinese nickel market says, cost of production of the cast iron that contain nickel is 10 - 11 dollars / pound. Be in Philippine, use nickel mine (the dry laterite mine that nickel content is 1.2 % ) manufacturing nickel content is 11.33 dollars for the cast iron cost of 4 % / pound, include ore cost 100 dollars / ton (FOB) , freight 30 dollars / ton, raw material cost 130 dollars / ton (calculate 5 tons by unit wastage, cost of accumulative total raw material 650 dollars / ton) , smelt and fine charging cost 350 dollars / ton reach straightforward production cost
The cost photograph that produces a business with existing nickel is compared, 11.33 dollars / the pound increased nearly 1 times, but be worth to pay close attention to as a result with the comparison of burgeoning nickel project. After all, existing production facilities can change the line of production instantly the cast iron that contain nickel. The China that uses small blast furnace to produce the cast iron that contain nickel has absolutely advantage it seems that. Produce ferronickel to use hot plate, the enterprise must build the pretreatment facility such as rotary kiln, raise manufacturing cost thereby. Elementary nickel mine wants a course to press above all piece or agglomeration processing, regard blast furnace as raw material next.
2007 1 - in Feburary, japan contains price of nickel cast iron to be from Chinese entrance 15.5 - 158 thousand yen / ton, be equivalent to 1300 dollars / ton, with production cost differs 300 dollars / ton. Groovy ferronickel and bourse of the cast iron that contain nickel and London metal (LME) nickel price specific value is mixed for 100 % 60 % . Appraisal of the cast iron that contain nickel is 150 thousand yen about / ton. It is 500 thousand yen by ferronickel price / ton computation, 4 % nickel is equivalent to 200 thousand yen / ton, considering 60 % ratio, price of the cast iron that contain nickel is 120 thousand yen / ton. The others 30 thousand yen / ton come from useless steel cost (at present price of broken useless steel is 40 thousand yen / ton) .
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