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Heat of cross verbal swords talks pure of gathering of heroes archaize brick
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On May 25, 2005 afternoon, mix by association of Chinese ceramics industry " information of pottery and porcelain of · of Asia-Pacific economy times " sponsor jointly, get industry attention fully " forum of height of brick of 2005 China archaize " in our country base of the largest the production that build contented -- of completion of the Zhuang Xin austral Fosan. The leader that comes from association of Chinese ceramics industry and Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Shandong, Hua Dong the reporter that manufacturing company represents each archaize brick that big pottery and porcelain produces a division and the senior personage of design, building, current domain reachs each news media in all 300 Yu Ren. The analysis that the development trend that the current situation with respect to industry of brick of our country archaize mixes the person that attend the meeting to did not come had development and discuss, have the collision of the thought already, have the engage in a battle of the viewpoint again, more inspired erupts, everybody praises this is the regale of the thought in succession, will develop generation to the health of industry of brick of our country archaize far-reaching and great urge action. Forum by " information of pottery and porcelain " hold the post of Yu Zhenrong of editor in chief newly to chair.
Thin tone of big news may not. He Qian of general manager of limited company of ceramics of contented of Fosan gold meaning, this Ma Kebo collect porcelain of one of mythological founders, home pledges glazed pottery is gotten army of the enterprise steer a boat person, stand in the height of the industry, with " proposal, acknowledgment, remind, the appeal, strategy " 10 words operate from a strategically advantageous position, system and the current situation that generalized archaize brick market well and truly, pointed out the problem of existence and the development direction that did not come, he says: "The manufacturer with special so much acknowledgment and company can add archaize brick come among this industry, because this market is not which enterprise,can molopolize " . In the meantime, he still reminds everybody, "The bubble economy that should prevent archaize brick " , he Qian general manager of the person that a series of wonderful viewpoints are attended the meeting speak very highly of. This also makes trade public figure more be convinced this boss of sale one's previous experience, why to take-over Jin Yitao is a year short much time, make this enterprise produced so tremendous change.
Hold the post of vise general manager of group of new bright phearl one of advocate of forum of brick of the first archaize, newly Home Luo Xin is in forum says on the meeting, the person that the archaize brick forum 2002 attends the meeting still does not overtake 20 person, the 4th of this year exceeded 300 person actually, very glad everybody joins in this industry. Home Luo Xin still builds contented line of business in Fosan with respect to oneself, archaize brick domain precipitates and accumulate old experience especially, undertook meticulous, profundity from respect of glamour of archaize brick culture elaborate with explanation, the person that make attend the meeting finds everything new and fresh; Chen Yanbin of president of tall husband of · of Fosan refined scholar hopes to pass a such forum, make everybody unites, slam the door a few malign competition, a kind of consensus can be formed inside the industry, strengthen an industry to control oneself, bring a few practical things to the development of enterprise and industry, make ceramics industry of China finds bigger vivosphere on international arena; He Youhe of general manager of coronal star pottery and porcelain combines the characteristic of oneself, phenomenon of much to archaize brick brand undertook thorough analysis, the archaize brick company that gives those intentional sortie much brand brings a lot of and beneficial enlightenment; With Chinese tradition culture is example, the Mao Jinghua of general manager of company of holy contented mill that promotes ethical culture energetically, it is the only on current forum successive the honored guest that 4 forum attend, the Mao Jinghua with spirit of book of cheesy, a suit, bellyful elegant scholar used natural disposition " play " the word will generalize a few years to come he is right the understanding of archaize brick market and experience, he says, "This field is very wide, should play go down to still have a lot of spaces " , hit the nail on the head bit of adj concern that showed career and life; General manager king still makes the same score Fosan sublimate pottery and porcelain one time to give an offhand talk, criterion extraordinary, for in recent years the upsurge of the archaize brick product line that goes up greatly spilled Fosan ceramics cold water of one gourd ladle, he says, "Archaize brick is not informal where an enterprise can do, those who need to make a brick, sell a brick, the it is fixed to should have culture arrangement that uses a brick, accordingly, its market in China is limited still inside period of time " .
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