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New-style and compositive material is decorated into 21 centuries with material
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Collect becomes a useful person, just as its name implies, be use material via what assemble and become, it is a kind of new-style wood. It is classics sawn timber treatment is defatted, carbonado after evaporate is dry, according to the different specifications of demand, by small plank classics gooey, pressure, spell collect and become, general stability is in moisture content 12% the left and right sides. Once boarding, do not express changeably, the shell is beautiful, return put in the advantage such as nature 's charge.
On the use of raw material, can collect young capable person, little material, leftover material, material playing role, undertake joining together to its, what carry out lumber adequately is integrated use, can become useless to be treasure already, raise economic benefits but managing our country's limited forest natural resources. On the use of finished product, because its volume is larger, accept or reject extremely optional, but the demand of the furniture that the basis manufactures, random is cut into parts cut, do not need joining together, have compound and qualitative, the advantage of solid firm, and craft is simple, the operation is convenient, easy flow operation, accelerated the career that furniture makes, improved labor productivity, reduce man-hour thereby, reduce labor to produce cost.
It is early a few years ago, compositive material is in the economic developed country such as Europe, Japan, Taiwan and area arisen, be applied in the construction of furniture and building widely. In recent years, the furniture industry of our country also begins to apply. The furniture of of all kinds combination of the wood of unlined upper garment of the bakelite that use oak, cloud, carry on one's shoulder, northeast china ash compositive material make it that is raw material, indoor segregation wall, mensal, chair, because the surface is bright and clean, decorative pattern is beautiful, the advantage such as not changeful form, get consumer reception quite, already owned fair share on furniture market. Deepen and use the acceptance of customarily what know to it as us, predict its are having good development tendency, make the main product in wood. To 21 centuries, make the dominant goods on furniture market extremely likely, thereby the cosset position that establish collect becomes a useful person to go up with material in furniture.