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Underground fries gold to be not had when heart principal return
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Value of international gold market is current although already was reduced to every ounce near 580 dollars, but wait for message face in current international politics, economy cooperate to fall, the investment of the precious metal such as gold still makes the person sees infinite business chance. Perfect ceaselessly in market of our country gold especially, average investor invests the circumstance that gold channel is widened gradually to fall, a lot of average investor invest itch to try to gold. Commemorative gold coin, pay a New Year call commemorates the metal bar justs appear on the market by scare buying one sky, panda gold coin appreciates again and again, the commercial bank rolls out " paper gold " profit is more sizable than bank deposit, gold investment upsurge is emerging everywhere move. Here setting falls, illegal gold invests intermediary orgnaization also emerge as the times require. Those gold that do not have aptitude trade company, flatter with all sorts of stunt investment gold low risk, high income, the investor that entice hits edge ball, make illegal investment through the network, even bilk encircles money, make at present domestic gold invests market dragon snake jumbly, random elephant is fascicular.
Investment expert reminds: Investment gold market must Shen Zhi careful, should look clear when investment appoint the business charter that whether the mobile phone is member of Shanghai gold exchange or classics to have concerned branch to approve, otherwise will probable principal is not had return.
Guangzhou underground fries golden investigation --
Can a yuan of capital fry 100 yuan of gold?
A few gold invest a company to magnify through lever effect capital gold will attract investor, fry our country to still was not opened " futures of the gold outside the condition " . The earnest money that these companies provide trades unexpectedly low to 1% , capital can magnify 100 times above. That is to say, investor can fry value with 1 yuan of money a few yuan and even 100 yuan gold. National repeated orders, home fries futures of the gold outside the condition do not get legal protection, country more do not allow bail to trade gold futures. And these are not illegal orgnaization to be below the drive of the interest, gimmick becomes more and more concealment. Can say, the potential risk that entrusts this kind of orgnaization to undertake gold invests is bigger and bigger.
Of low doorsill high income alluring
The reporter investigates discovery nearly two weeks, at present underground fries golden company, spread all over countrywide each district, not only and other places of Shanghai, Zhejiang exists, guangzhou is put in this kind of orgnaization likewise. Disclose according to insider, guangzhou area has more extensive underground to fry golden orgnaization estimation to 3 reach 5. And participate in these subterranean orgnaizations to fry " gold futures ' also there are plenty of such people. But be in namely the accepted gold inside course of study is big first half of the year this year bovine city, the bosses of a lot of illicit look forward to that fry the futures outside the condition, finally also compensate gets principal to not have return.
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