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2009 China (Linyi) International bathroom kitchen Fair
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As the national economy maintained rapid and healthy development of the situation and the overall level of urban modernization is accelerating the pace of construction, urban infrastructure construction and renovation efforts are also increasing, which is the country's construction and decoration industry Development to create a favorable external environment and development opportunities, and create a good development. Linyi - China's largest logistics base in Jiangbei District, Shandong largest, most populous and most influential city in Huaihai Economic Zone of the most important part of the city with incomparable charm and business opportunities, a Straight into the Sulu by businesses as the market "battleground" and "the throat." The Building Decoration Association, from Shandong Province, Shandong Building Material Industry Association co-sponsored, Linyi City, Linyi decoration industry associations and Exhibition Services Ltd Chaoyang "2009 China (Linyi) International bathroom, kitchen design Preparation Expo "scheduled for November 18, 2009 -20 mall at the Convention Center, Linyi China, this exhibition of" science and technology, green, and development "as the theme to" display, communication, trade "for the purpose, will make full use Linyi superior geographical advantage, transportation advantages, industry advantages, logistics strengths and advantages of the organizers, will vigorously and organizations invited to the bathroom at home and abroad, kitchen equipment industry, distributors, agents and customers to visit purchase To jointly plan the development of the industry.