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Does prospective hutch defend a space what kind of? Market intelligence, functio
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Article origin: Intelligence lives in general management   to add a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-7-4 11:23:48

Hutch defends household to growing day and day in the importance in the family, it is what kind of that the hutch tomorrow defends household? This is the problem that a lot of friends care. Forecast according to industry expert, prospective hutch defends household to be market intelligence, function, human nature an organic whole.

   Intelligent world

Household electrical appliance of future develops direction integratedly to go to unifinication necessarily. The home, be like no longer before specific fractionize is division of sitting room, dining room, kitchen, work area, sleep between room, study and computer. Because of the fall to pieces of the change of lifestyle and big family, place of illicit fine house and muti_function living space, predominate. Accordingly, the intelligence of systematization of an organic whole is lived in, the model that makes prospective bedroom, indoor lampblack, tar and harmful gas will decrease. The material of kitchen utensils and appliances is like furnace face character, more uses aggrandizement stock, make its harder heat-resisting.

   Innovation designs dominant

Prospective kitchen is combined, the structure that uses conformity of diversity component, an organic whole, and be mixed with the science and technology of innovation, technology craft, cooperate art to change the design that changes with the style, if contracted aesthetic is little it is much namely, it is the United States, natural namely for nothing it is to savour namely, will be popular. Qualitative, craft, smooth, natural landscape mixes material multivariate function, add innovation and design, the base that makes aesthetic feeling living.

   Human nature changes appeal to beg

Prospective kitchen works, on one hand, material and technology, workmanship and finished product incline to are perfect; On the other hand, the need of the space that plans to should satisfy a person more. The balance on body and mind, harmonious, will learn with human body labour, air flow and facial features are experienced and answer, produce updated hutch thereby art aesthetic.