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High-tech intelligence lives in the living concept of technical plute
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Rise ceaselessly as what people asks to material and mental level, house intelligence changes the home to also be paid close attention to by people more and more. A kind of more fashionable, more comfortable, more convenient intelligence changed the life to become the living dream of countless successful personages. Nowadays, one is located in villa of Shenzhen city center group -- " sweet sweet lake 1 " top class villa depends on 2.4G T, Bus high-tech intelligence lives in a technology, brought the living concept of plute of a kind of whole world to people.

"Sweet sweet lake 1 " a sector of an area of core of lake of sweet honey of male crouch and Shenzhen city, and honour enjoy beautiful scenery of zoology of area of garden of sweet sweet lake, with this busy city maintained decent interval, flourishing with zoology instant switch, it is real significance go up " do not leave a town from dirt " , make industry ever had " the person that get sweet sweet lake gets the world " sigh. Building anatomical, this villa took the creation skill of high-level residence villa, in order to build villatic idea, indicated curtilage to Chinese a person of extraordinary powers a height that is hard to surmount, be called what allusion hides villatic architectural to make thereby. Open quotation at the beginning of, "Sweet sweet lake 1 " villa comes on stage with the 50 thousand shock having price of 5, the price is more later all the way violent wind rises. And cost the nearly 1 million top class villa that undertake intelligence lives in a design this, more with unit price 120 thousand / smooth rice, total prices is close the high price of 100 million again refresh the history of Shenzhen house price.

The 2.4G T that this top class villa undertakes living in intelligence the design uses, Bus technology originates the United States Huaerduji's round Walltech science and technology. Walltech science and technology has technology of newest 2.4G wireless network and T-bus system perfect couple, appliance has much channel, signal is fast and firm, much direction is transmitted, the infrared ray that can accuse to be apart from far 2.4G wireless network to controlled mode to replace conventional intelligence to live in a product, radio frequency and 433M/315M are wireless the control mode such as the network, show itself in numerous competitor thereby, enter this top class villa successfully. Its unparalleled technology dominant position, make not only the breakthrough that enterprise oneself achieved to change a design to live in intelligence to change a design to monomer villa by intelligence of large project project, can bring a kind of more advanced, vogue, comfortable life to enjoy to people more.

At any time and place issue an order, can receive feedback information. 2.4G T, Bus system technology has two-way communication, the function that feedbacks in real time. In next road, overworked our hope of a day cooks rice ahead of schedule on. Open a mobile phone, through Walltech concentration controls a system, simple can issue a statement. But we fear is more, does electric meal Bao execute an order after all? And 2.4G T, the characteristic of two-way communication can solve Bus technology completely your trouble back at home. Receive when the mobile phone " send a success " had begun to execute an order with respect to demonstrative system when question mark, express to was not carried out otherwise.
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