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Cast off " kitchen dread disease " hutch report intelligence is changed popular
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Article origin: Consumptive daily   adds a person: Ligang     adds time: 2007-11-26 11:51:10

Fluctuate at full speed in urbanism rhythm today, "Kitchen dread disease " the another city that becomes modern it seems that is ill, or because fear lampblack, or because of hutch art not beautiful, in eye of a lot of people, the kitchen is become almost " forbidden zone " .

However, change the popularity of kitchen electric equipment and compositive ambry as the intelligence such as microwave oven, in city a flock of another group " happy kitchen a group of things with common features " also expanding gradually rise.

As we have learned, at present the contemporary breath of city kitchen will prepare food become relaxed: Microwave oven lets cooking time shorten less than, get " golden pig father " and " 80 hind " love.

Mr Zhang is the office worker of a standard, cross 3 two months to be about to become again " golden pig father " he, company wife can come home after coming off work everyday almost, and be on meal of morning and evening none careless also, prepare food personally. However, as a lot of " golden pig father " same, mr Zhang is not the connoisseur old hand that prepare food, plus off hours also not be very abundant, a Ge Lanshi in the home " vapour light-wave " microwave oven is to help really went up.

It is reported, "Vapour light-wave " it is Ge Lanshi's newest mainstream type, use technology of new generation light-wave, light of shirt-sleeve focusing cook, quickness heats to wait for 5 kinds of light energy solely, no matter be evaporate, boil or decoct, fry, bake wait for a function, should prepare raw material to be put in only do calm, need not again why hutch art skill is afraid.

In fact, provide photograph comparing with traditional kitchen, "Vapour light-wave " distinctive " vapour " the function can chain moisture, avoid nutrient prediction of a person's luck in a given year, more important is, avoided to let permit mother without bright fire cook bring into contact with any lampblack.

As we have learned, current a lot of " golden pig father " it is such one pickaback both ends -- dozen go all out career and take care of a family, assuming divine responsibility while, they are enjoying the happy feeling that person father is about to be first again, and this kind of feeling is outspread also in the happy kitchen life to them.

Regard city white-collar as newly emerging force " 80 hind " , its live and consume a characteristic to be microwave oven open up " La Hai " : It is life time not the rule, dietary sort and frequency second randommer also; 2 it is food starts work capacity is insufficient, apt accepts convenience and quick kitchen life electric equipment; Moreover, the job and address mobility are strong, prefer light model household electrical appliance. As we have learned, current city family prepares food lesser, also concern moderately with the easy of kitchen environment and layout, crowded, messy, damp kitchen can reduce the enthusiasm that people prepares food. Stem from the improvement of pair of kitchen environments just about, current consumptive trend is ambry masses consumable by change of a kind of luxury.
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