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Integral kitchen becomes fashionable home Ju Xinchong
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Someone says: The kitchen is the residence " heart " , had been not at all, kitchen function is numerous, equipment is sophisticated, and the area is relatively narrow. As modern life rhythm accelerate ceaselessly, of life quality rise, taller and taller to the requirement of the kitchen, in recent years, the kitchen becomes the Chongzhongzhi that the family decorates to weigh. Efficient and beautiful durable integral kitchen appeared.

Integral kitchen is to point to the personalized demand according to structure of the kitchen in consumer home, area and domestic member, undertake construction of design of integral configuration, whole, whole offers relevant whole set product, should freezer, dishwasher, disinfection ark is washing machine even design, find a place for in the kitchen, with ambry organic ground is united in wedlock together, form unifinication of form a complete set. To understand a few functions of contemporary whole kitchen and relevant knowledge, the reporter visited benefit city town each sell greatly.

Individuation, human nature is changed, specialization

Why can integral kitchen cause the attention of people? The reporter covered manager of scene of La Wei of agent of kitchen of sea Er whole. He mentions modern family to cannot leave modern kitchen, contemporary kitchen already was to satisfy the function that cook not just, and beautiful and efficient, economic space, comfortable, environmental protection, function is much etc is modern the new requirement to the kitchen, this is the prime cause that integral kitchen challenges traditional kitchen.

Introduce according to blue manager, decorate a style the dimension of different, kitchen, hobby also differs with use habit, the galley equipment with the certain standards that has made on the market accords with specific use requirement very hard, and integral kitchen " unifinication " OK the very specific actual condition from the kitchen, the individual demand of consumer sets out undertake designing, the design of this kind of individuation also accords with the psychological requirement of modern self-fulfilment.

Human nature changes the one big characteristic that the design is integral kitchen. Ark of the ambry of integral kitchen, bottom can adjust arbitrarily height, when the person that assures different height adequately is operated convenient, most condole ark is used on design turning over the door, make sure fetch is convenient, the article that accords with contemporary family structure is current, use up faster pattern. The appropriate width of mesa organizes the fittings such as hearth, cistern, rack effectively already, ensured again the balance sex of the exterior.
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