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Water warm Wei Yu hand in hand ambry is marched toward " the new student is vivi
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Sword of Guo of reporter of □ our newspaper makes the same score Chen Yingqiu

Between Wei Yu with the kitchen, in two spaces that always are pulled open to be apart from as far as possible in the bedroom, in the eye of the product that defend bath and business of ambry product industry, the cooperative space that existing to be well worth doing however. On January 20, water warm Wei Yu and ambry industry " happy match happy a knot " , conclude the industry is allied, come from Fujian Province water to warm 4 organizations of industry of Wei Yu, ambry hold industrial collaboration forum, the transverse cooperation that strengthens two associated industries comes to an agreement, and plan spreads out capital to run external.

The personage inside course of study expresses, water warm Wei Yu and ambry industry together, cooperate stimulative both sides deep, the advantage is complementary, make the water that have international competition ability and owns own intellectual property warm Weiyu and ambry famous brand create better platform for the Fujian Province. With respect to fontal city character, na Anzao has been the center of industry of valve of Fujian water warm Wei Yu, accordingly, tell from some kind of meaning, water warms the industry that defend bath is sure to achieve better progress accordingly, drive industry of fontal city ambry to walk out of fontal city, make the ambry brand that makes noisy on the market.

Water is warm Wei Yu and ambry " allied "

On the industrial forum January 20, committee of major of ark of bath of chamber of commerce of chamber of commerce of course of study of ambry of city of chamber of commerce of course of study of ambry of guild of valve of warm Wei Yu of Fujian Province water, Fujian Province, Xiamen and course of study of Fujian Province ambry, strengthen water warm Weiyu and ambry the transverse collaboration of these two associated industries comes to an agreement, intercurrent cloth industry is interactive collaboration is enunciative: "Cooperate cheek by jowl, communicate effectively, industrial butt joint, harmonious development " . Collaboration just decides to will take the lead henceforth respective member company, hold exchange visits and cooperative forum every year 2 times, discuss and have company product the matters concerned such as collaboration of strategy of complementary, brand, industry.

Relevant statistic shows, with south the Fujian water that how is a center is warm group of Wei Yu industry, through development of 30 years, had held the whole nation nowadays the 70%% of gross of consumption of market of annual and congener product. Current, fujian water warms industry of the valve that defend bath is entering a bibcock to drive, the brand is driven, technical research and development is driven, industry of form a complete set is started actively, the good progress posture that sale channel enlarges ceaselessly.
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