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Secondhand the elementary main points that room kitchen decorates: Material of g
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Secondhand room

Creat sincerely good home

Secondhand a grand opera that the room decorates is a kitchen transform, though be old building, but if want to promote the life of household quality, that can ignore a kitchen to decorate with respect to scarcely, want to be installed well not only, should install opportunely more. How should be the old kitchen that a 5 square metre control transformed?
Want to match integral ambry

Before old house is decorated, ambry most is by decorate company spot to order do, although be on dimension very appropriate, but functional design and the place that character can have the idea that be like a person very much, because decorate the furniture that the company is not major after all to produce manufacturer, big field changes a design to go up to consider not to help somebody attain his aim mostly in human nature, in the hardware on detail use often more inferior, had used in about a year to be able to appear Zhi Zhi. Previously to old building, of people decorating a requirement is to be able to make go merely, ignored a lot of decisive factors thereby. Nowadays even if old building, also must buy an integral a cupboard that also serves as a table, ability calculates such kitchen to go up is to upgrade the kitchen of replacement.

Old kitchen is general lesser, say to be given priority to with light color department commonly from colour, for instance orange, bright yellow, Hai La, can increase dimensional visual perception; Watch the modern version with best contracted choice from design, the design of any heavy and complicated affects visual result possibly.

Electric equipment is driven trendy

Though be old kitchen, but a variety of profit that also authority enjoys modern electric equipment, a few also are designed to be applied in contemporary kitchen for old kitchen here more and more kitchen electric equipment.

Clean water implement: Clean water implement to any families it is indispensable, it is especially in old building, water quality does not have special assurance, clean water implement commonly activated carbon filters stone of meal of layer, wheat filters the layer, can the different impurity in purify water, the water after making filter becomes very pure. The scarcely when be being decorated so should forget clean water implement.

Dishwasher: This is a kind of kitchen electric equipment that can change way of life, though had not popularized excellent home to use, but can serve as the mark that improves kitchen quality electric equipment, in the pitch on in old kitchen a dishwasher, can achieve the goal of emancipatory labour force likewise. Same, the dishwasher of small appearance also should choose in old kitchen, not diligent rate too big, function is too much, should satisfy the function that washs a bowl only can, such dishwasher is given priority to with card of home made product, the price is controlled in 1000 yuan.
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