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"2007 China build energy-saving year forum " announcement
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About holding " 2007 China build energy-saving year forum " inform

Build a council of science and technology
Construction ministry science and technology develops stimulative center
Build a committee of science and technology [2007] 06 date

Each concern an unit:
2007, in the country " energy-saving decrease a platoon " the strong thrust of major strategy deploy is moved below, built energy-saving job to get full-scale development develops. Construction ministry concerns standard of the policy code with energy-saving building, standard and technical file to come on stage often; A series of state level and ministry level structure are energy-saving project of plan of science and technology got with demonstrative project national financial supports energetically; Large quantities of one buildings are energy-saving scientific research orgnaization and enterprise of construction science and technology obtained many innovation achievement to gain development good opportunity. These become an industry to pay close attention to and the hope communicates interactive heat place further.
To be carried out further " build a department about fulfilling < the State Council about print and distribute energy-saving the announcement that reduces an omnibus work program > executive plan " , each job with the concerned energy-saving building that cooperates construction to be being carried out inside ministry and industry and will be begun, enhance communication of politics look forward to and industry to interact, stimulative industry science and technology progresses, development of science and technology of ministry of committee of science and technology, construction promotes construction ministry the center decides to build a ministry to build university of energy-saving center, Tsinghua to build energy-saving research center, China to build scientific academy, China to build the unit such as design academy jointly, hold at was in Beijing on December 22, 2007 " China built energy-saving year forum 2007 " (plan sees accessory 1) . At the appointed time, will invite code of governmental official, policy to draft person, finance to support scholar of project controller, top class expert and technology to get army the enterprise discusses energy-saving a major programme of lasting importance in all, conspire industry development.
Invite sincerely concerned unit and each individual ginseng to meet. Inform hereby.
Accessory 1: 2007 China build program of energy-saving year forum
Accessory 2: 2007 China build energy-saving year forum to enter meeting receipt

Build a committee of science and technology to build ministry science and technology to develop stimulative center
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